Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The Secret Sauce to Success!

What is your number one secret to productivity?

  • Focus on minutes, not hours.
  • Focus on only one thing.
  • Don’t use to-do lists. 
  • Figure out what to do now to make certain future selves will do the right thing.
  • Know what to value in life.
  • Use a notebook.
  • Schedule time to process e-mails quickly and efficiently, process e-mails only a few times a day.
  • Avoid meetings at all costs, meet only when someone is writing a check.
  • Say “no” to almost everything.
  • Follow the 80/20 rule, focus on the activities that drive the greatest results.
  • Delegate almost everything. Take the I out of this question, ask, “How can this task get done?
  • Touch things only once.
  • Practice a consistent morning routine. 
  • Energy is everything, increase your energy to increase your attention, focus, and productivity.
Bring It All Together, these secrets just help to get more done in less time and to stop feeling overworked and overwhelmed.

See you at the finish line!
Train wisely, and injury free.
Keep swimming, cycling and running.
🏊🚴🏻🙏🏻 🏃🏻‍♀️
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~Summarized from an article written by Dr. Travis Bradberry

Sunday, September 17, 2017

What Matters Most? IMWI Recap.

What Matters Most? IMWI Recap. Thank you from the bottom my my heart! It was an Amazing day! I couldn't stop smiling except for the last mile, where I had tears of joy and a bigger smile. One of the best experiences of my life. I am humbled and acknowledge each of you for supporting me the day of the Ironman race. I have been overwhelmed by all of the Facebook posts, messages and texts from each of you. There were so many posts and people following me on the course, I couldn’t believe it! You came along as part of the journey. 

Several things come to mind as I reflect on the Ironman event. 
  1. I am really stunned by the love and support I have in Madison and everywhere, thank you!
  2. Family and friends are amazing. Especially my husband. There is nothing more honorable than to cross the finish line into the arms of the one you love. And daughter both are my Ironman in spirit showing up on the course to yell my name, cheer and support me. It was emotional to cross the finish line and into the arms of my husband who medaled me.
  3. If you want something, go get it. You can do it!!! 
  4. You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have. Being in the zone and focused is an asset. I was so focused, I didn’t feel the grit, determination and pain. I look at my bruises, blisters and bumps and wonder, “Where did I get them from?” I realize how focused I can be in a race.
  5. Whatever battle you are fighting, keep fighting . . . believe in yourself! you will overcome the obstacles.
I am extremely overjoyed that I could do this event. There are no words the describe the experience. It tested and embodied my emotional, physical and spiritual being.

I am honored of your support and will thank you each of you personally when I see you!

Gratefully yours, Kim (an Ironman)


Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Planned Races for 2018 (SMART Goals: Focus on a healthy lifestyle)

"Aim, Purpose, Arrive!" ~Groshek, K. (Bug's Adventure Series)
I will compete in an Ironman at a different location. On the list are: Maryland, Arizona, Boulder, and/or Maastricht-Limburg. 

I will continue to complete running a half marathon in my remaining 2 states. These will be extended family trips to one of the Hawaii Islands and Alaska. 

Planned Races for 2018 
  • 2/11 (Sun): Ballet Mom/Daughter day out

  • 5/20 (Sun): Green Bay half*
  • 6/3 (Sun): Ballet Mom/Daughter day out
  • 6/10 (tent): Boulder Ironman*
  • 6/23: Alaska Half Marathon*
  • 9/2: Marquette Michigan half*
  • 10/7 (tent): Maryland Ironman*
  • 11/19 (tent): Arizona Ironman or Cozumel Ironman* 

See you at the finish line!

Train wisely, and injury free.
Keep swimming, cycling and running.
Improve on bike and run in the Ironman.

🏊🚴🏻🙏🏻 🏃🏻‍♀️
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Can you believe it? One is NOT done! 🏊🚴🏻🙏🏻 🏃🏻‍♀️

🔨Can you believe it?  ðŸ‘€ ðŸ¦‹ðŸ’¦ðŸ‘–💎

So here I am, the person who said, "One and done!" as it relates to the Ironman goal. At this moment, I'm looking for another Ironman at a different location for next year.

On the list are: Maryland, Arizona, Boulder, and Maastricht-Limburg. I will pick one in 2018. OMG!

Things I will focus on: Nutrition during the race and Bike training, while tweaking my run and continue getting stronger on the swim. This is so surreal! Who would have thought I would be doing this.  

In the meantime, I will continue to complete running a half marathon in my remaining 2 states. These will be extended family trips to one of the Hawaii Islands and Alaska. 

"Aim, Purpose, Arrive!" ~Groshek, K. (Bug's Adventure Series)

  • Lifetime goal: Focus on a healthy lifestyle. Keep swimming, cycling and running.
  • Training goal: Train wisely, and injury free. 
  • Ironman goal: Improve on bike and run.
See you at the finish line!
Train wisely, and injury free.
Keep swimming, cycling and running.
🏊🚴🏻🙏🏻 🏃🏻‍♀️
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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

I AM an Ironman: Ironman Wisconsin 2017 #crazyrunninggirl #crazyrunninggal

Well, I made it! I completed my goal! To accomplish what only 0.01% (1 in 10000) of the worlds population have completed, that is, I completed an Ironman.  

Thank you for sending me ‘snail mail’ notes and cards, posting supportive comments on social media, for showing up on the course and cheering and supporting me, or cheering for me from home. Before the race, my friend told me, 'Your determination is much admired.' "Pushing past fear. Saying hello to uncertainty and the adrenaline rush. And then you can reap the rewards.” That wraps it up nicely in a nutshell.

Here are my Ironman stats and my story from the experience:

Finish time: 15.41:37 13.44 min / mile

AG: 54th place out of 71
Gender: 505 place out of 643
Overall: 1918 place out of 2281
Swim: 1:23.07 T1: 12.23
Bike 7:52.26 T2: 14.16
Run: 5:59.27

This Wisconsin Ironman experience is one for the books. Signing up, first in September 2015, and bowing out in July because I felt I wasn’t trained enough. Then, reassessing why I wanted to participate in the Ironman journey in the first place. I  signed up again in September 2016, I definitely have come full circle, and see everything different. I learned a lot about me, that was my intention. I learned how I handle stress, how to manage myself in an anxious and uncomfortable situations, I overcame many fears and obstacles, I met new and inspiring people along the way, many who contributed something to me and my cause. I am thankful for that. 

During training, and during the race, things showed up for me that I had to address. I focused on each challenge and worked through them. For training, the biggest was the swim; like, putting on the wetsuit for the first time without a fear of claustrophobia, doing a flip turn, holding my breath through more than 3 strokes, swimming in a lake, swimming with a group of swimmers in the lake and how to accomplish sighting in the open water. I got through that. All very significant stepping stones to give me comfort in the Ironman race.

It was an amazing Ironman weekend! I am so glad I could share this amazing experience. The most sentimental moments were as I walked to the start at 4:30 a.m. very early in the morning. I walked from my hotel, around the square, the capitol lit up. I headed to the Monona Terrace. In the darkness, I could hear the voices of the people talking while they set up for the race. You know, that quiet morning where no one is up yet, but there are a few voices chit-chatting to ready the day. I knew I finally made it. I actually will get to the start line. Tears welled in my eyes thinking about it and my chest puffed. I knew this was the moment. I made it, I have arrived to the start of the Ironman.

At the terrace, I organized my transition bags and walked the bags to their respective rooms, or they called them tents. I was instructed to remember where the bags are and which changing tent I would go to for each transition.

It was then when I readied everything for the swim, pulling my wetsuit on and introduced  myself to another athlete who was ready to walk to the start. We chatted as we walked to the start of the swim, we learned more about each other, like she did the same simulation for the 112 mile bike course with multi sport 4 weeks ago, she made the bike in 9 hours. She was worried she wouldnt make the bike cut. She was in wave 3 for the swim.  I in wave 6, the last wave. We arrive at the start. The water was calm and I felt ready. We wished each other good luck and she was off. The gun went off for each wave. Then it was my turn.

Tears welled up as I approached the start. Leon was right outside the start wave gates. Close enough to hear him yell my name. As I approached him, he gave me a high five. More tears welled in my eyes as I walked into the water to start the swim. Amazing emotional day!

The swim was good. I kept my stroke and breathing. Didn’t worry myself of other swimmers, just kept to my own. When a swimmer grabbed my feet, I kicked harder. When I approached swimmers who cut me off, I swam around them. I felt good, but knew I stopped at times given there were many slower swimmers that got in the way. I worked through it. Kept with my sighting and swam my strokes. Made it to the end, where volunteers helped me out of the water then another set pulled my wetsuit off.

I ran up the helix, about .25 miles carrying my wetsuit and swim cap. Made it to the transition tent, grabbed my bag and was met by a volunteer who walked me to the changing area. There I quickly dressed, took some nutrition and was off to pick up my bike.

I got on the bike, and stayed single file until the passing zone was lifted, then started my cadence. It was windy. Around mile 10, the turn on Irish lane, there I saw my last name GROSHEK with my bib number 2730 in big letters on a large box. You couldn’t miss it. I screamed, “Woo-hoo!" and there was Chris and her family and friends. So, great! What a great way to start the race, knowing people I knew came out on the course.

The bike course was tough. First, around mile 15, I lost both of my extra water bottles. There goes my nutrition strategy. Being a “project manager” I always have a “mitigation” or back up plan. So, the new plan was to stop at the water stops and fill up the water bottle from my carry pouch as needed. It worked. Took more time, but I knew the halfway point, 60 miles would be another set of ice cold water bottles to replace the lost bottles.

Around mile 59, heading to the aid station, I hit a bump and heard this loud rattling coming from somewhere on my bike. I couldn’t place what this was, but kept the cadence going until the stop. Once there, I reached to place my bottles in their respective cages and realized they were half off my bike, broken. There was the noise. I had to remove the holder and cages, because it broke, hence the noise. Once again I only had one water bottle for nutrition for the remaining bike miles. Following, the same strategy, I took only one new water bottle and kept with the secondary strategy. 

The hills were tough, the wind was strong, so I didn’t make my 20 mph cadence as planned on the straights. And going down hills I used more break given that the wind blew me around more and I wanted to stay safe. 

I finally made it in. Headed to second transition (T2-run). I rode up the helix and went into the T2 to pick up my running gear with aid from the volunteer. I asked the volunteer to make sure I ate what was in the bag, otherwise I don't eat which is a 'no-no'. Nutrition is very important. 

I intentionally took longer in this transition because I wanted to rest up. The plan was to treat the run as if it was the start of a marathon day, like it was the first event of the day. I knew I did the bike simulation in training, I learned it is better not to rush between the bike and run.
Leon and Staci saw me
coming out of the start of the run.

I took some water as volunteers slothed my back with suntan lotion. Then I walked to the run start. A fellow runner said to me, “Now it’s time for just another marathon, right?” Off we went. Out of the gate, I hear Leon and Staci yell my name. I wave and continue running. I feel strong. I knew I could run this. I trained for this and am familiar with this event. I run around the capitol then down state street. The crowds gave an immediate buzz. It gave me a kick. Before I knew it my average running pace was 9:10 minute miles and it didn’t even seem I was going this fast. The adrenaline kicked in. Then, of course, my body had other plans for me. Even though  I felt strong, once I hit the 2 mile mark, my stomach was not agreeing with me, so I had to consider another plan of attack. 

As I ran, I considered the option to race-walk. Luckily, I trained with my friend Joan early Wednesday mornings. We race-walked 7 miles each week. It was my plan for the alternative, just in case something came up during the race. I figured, if I made at least a 15 min mile pace, I could make it in by 6:30. Already having run a 9:10 min mile pace for the first 3 miles, I might just make my slower estimate of 6 hours. (I actually made it in at 5 hours 59 minutes).  

Janice caught me around mile 10.
This is where I began my race-walk cadence. I took it mile-by-mile.  At mile ten, I had a surprise, Janice yelled from the corner near the band practice park by picnic point. She rode her bike on the sidewalk and talked with me a bit. Asking when I came in for the swim, because she was there but missed me. Then she wanted to know how I was feeling. I explained my stomach problems. Then she wanted to know my plans for the finish. I told her my original plan is shot out of the water, but I should make my slow time coming in around 11 o'clock. She took a picture, this is how I was at that time.

I knew this would be the best approach, focusing on bits. 

It started getting dark. I ran state street. Then, coming around the bend by the student union, taking broth I noticed a dark silhouette of a person standing on the corner of the union. Then, I heard a voice, it was Kristina! She yelled, "Kim!" With a happy voice. This was mile 19, heading down the home stretch.

At mile 20, more problems, I had dry heaves and stopped for a bit to gain my composure. Two runners, strode by, one said, "You will be all right girl, you'll see." And sure enough after the episode, I got back to my cadence and continued forward. 

I felt most invigorated the last mile, when a lady in the crowd, with bright red hair, yelled, "I was waiting for you two." This was meant for the guy in front of me and myself. She gave me a high five as I turned the corner by the art center,. Then I run onto state street, the home stretch. Turned left down the last final stretch around the capitol. Along the way, people were telling me, to, "run it in strong. You've got this girl. You can do it!" I was at the last 500 yards. Before the turn to the finish. Each person stood in a line and gave me high fives and hand slaps of encouragement leading me in. 

I turned the corner to see the red carpet and the finish line. The bright lights were amazing. I ran in, slapping spectators hands. Raised my arms high screaming, “Woo-hoo!". People were giving me high fives. I took my time running the red carpet. Took it all in. I wanted to remember this moment! I did it. I made all of my estimated times, I completed my goal to cross the finish line and become an Ironman.
What an amazing year-long journey. Crossing the finish was just the final perk, hearing "You are an Ironman" was the sweetest music to my ears. 

Leon standing there, with medal in hand, placing it over my head and then giving me a big hug. After pictures, then my friend, Mary, signed up to be a volunteer catcher, helped me gather my finisher hat and shirt along with finisher pictures, and pointed me to the food. All of this makes the experience most special.


Train wisely, and injury free. Keep swimming, cycling and running.
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Saturday, September 2, 2017

Marquette Half Marathon #IMWI training run 🙏🏻 🏃🏻‍♀️

What a great course, nice nature trail along Lake Superior. It was mostly a slightly downhill course all of the way until 3rd street. Then, I would say about the last half mile was a gradual uphill. Runners were flying. I didn’t seem exhausted at mile 9 like I usually am. I started out slower, at a pace I thought would work, but quickly realized my legs were going faster on the next several miles. 

Did well today!!! Felt strong and wore bright colors so my favorite guy could find me on the run!! Result: captured some great action running ðŸƒðŸ¼ shots!

We ran under several covered bridges. When the train bridge came up, so were the signs that said, “be careful for the iron ore pebbles.” It was fun to see those and reminisce on the run, remembering my childhood, when we would walk to the park pool, and cross the railroad and pick up iron ore thinking they were treasures.  It was dirty and, after crossing the tracks having our pockets full, walking the sidewalk we would come across an old lady sitting on her porch. She’d talk with us for a while. WE would stand on the sidewalk while she would share her stories.  Sometimes she would ask us what we were going to do with all of that iron ore in our pockets. Eventually, I would get rid of the ore pedals given there wasn’t much to do with it and I was ready to get to the park so I could play in the pool. That was a great mental exercise that distracted me from the run, after those thoughts passed me by, I realized I was on mile 9. Went really quickly.

It was an easy and smooth run, there were times I hit a 8:40 mile per hour pace without feeling any overexcertion. It was a good 13.1 miles for me. I came in at a decent time, in fact, it was my best time this year, at 2:04.50 chip time. I’ll take it!

There are some people you meet along the way, who you know are very special and they will enrich your life. A nice downhill 13.1 miler catching up with these awesome ladies. First-timer on the left. She made it and did well!!! #crazyrunninggal #crazyrunninggirl

See you at the finish line!

Train wisely, and injury free. Keep swimming, cycling and running.

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Monday, August 28, 2017

It's Taper-time! Ironman Wisconsin

Tapering has begun for the last stretch of my Ironman training.  It's time to reflect, look back at all of this summers events and bling and mentally prepare for the race.

This week starts my 2 week taper. It is suggested that the week of the race, I take 2 full days of rest, doing nothing. Many of you who know me, will know that is going to be tough for me. But, I plan to stay the course. 

*Spectators be ready, this means you my family and friends, I will have more details and timing for you if you plan to come out for part or all of the day.

Here is my taper plan:

Sunday - sprint triathlon (already done)
Monday - Swim 60 minutes
Tuesday - Swim 60 min, 90 min bike, 30 min brick run
Wednesday - Run 60 min easy
Thursday - 1 hour swim, 90 min bike, 30 min run
Friday - 1 hour bike easy
Saturday - 1 1/2 hour easy run
**Race week
Sunday - 20 min brick run3 hour bike 90 min IM pace
Monday - 30 min run 🏃‍♀️, 60 min bike
Tuesday - swim 30 min, 1 hr bike, 20 min run
Wed - REST
Thur - 30 min swim, 1 hr bike, 20 min run
Fri -20 min swim, 10 min run 
Sat - REST

”Thoughts become things. If you see it in  your mind, You will hold it in your hand” Bob Proctor

These last two weeks are all about visualization, because as I"m learning, this race is approximately 80% mental. At this point, there is no question in my mind that I am going to finish. I already see myself crossing the finish line!

See you at the finish line!
Train wisely, and injury free. Keep swimming, cycling and running.

🏊🚴🏻🙏🏻 ðŸƒðŸ»‍♀️
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