Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fond Memories of popular toys I grew up with.

50 years of the most popular xmas toys

My sister posted a link to the Most Popular Christmas Toys, By Year Since 1960.  Boy did that bring back memories.

I remember barbie fondly, I think I was one of the kids in my family who had a Ken doll (that's what we called him).  The one I played with had a smooth face, and it included beard, mistache and side-burns that you could tape on his face as you chose his look.  He was the coolest sitting next to my barbie and ofcourse I had skipper in the back of my convertable barbie car with the camper.  I played with skipper with a ripped knee area, I use to bandage up her leg, pretending she had a broken leg, but continued playing with her.  I remember summer days would consist of grabbing all of my barbie stuff and head out to the fields and pretend my day away, playing with the barbie family, making their house out of hay, I use to call them hay-huts.  When, my long-time neighborhood friend would come over to play, she would ask, "what do you want to do" and she already knew the answer.  After a while, she got sick of it and I would continue to play on.  I was playing barbies far beyond the typical age one chooses no longer to play with them, I was probably in 7th and 8th grade when I started getting tired of it and started getting busy babysitting and getting involved in summer softball activities.

There are a lot of key toys they have listed for each year like Suzie Homemaker Oven, Operation, Battleship, Lite-Brite, Strawberry Shortcake, Connect-4, Rubik-Cube, My little pony, Legos, Elmo, sCooter and the rest are during my daughters stages of growing up, but she got into many toys that are not on the popular lists, like making bead crafts, polly pocket and so on.

I use to play with many of these ten-times over plus many that aren't on the popular list.

The one toy that isn't listed, that I absolutely loved and many don't seem to remember or even recall existing was the little doll called 'flatsy'.  Flatsy was an approx. 5 inch little doll, with 5 inch bright colored long hair, flattened out, made like gumby (if any of you remember the Gumby show).  The flatsy doll was sold in a picture frame with a set of clothes.  I had a 2, orange and pink colored hair, flatsies.  (I think the pink haired was called cookie, if I recall).  My flatsy dolls were so much fun to play with because she bent in all kinds of directions, so she would sit easily in a toy chair or car that I placed her in while I was playing.

The other fond memory is playing with the fisher price toys.  My sister and I use to take carpet squares out and design our homes on the picnic tables with all of the furniture and play our afternoons away.  This was more my sisters thing than mine, but, I would chime in on this imaginary play time and again.  It was fun creating spaces for these little people to live in.

When I was in my early teens, I remember I use to create my own imaginary world using only IBM cards.  If you don't know what IBM cards are, these are traditional computer cards used for keypunching in the computer operations rooms of companies, back in the day.  My dad was a computer operator and use to bring stacks of used ibm cards home for us to use for writing notes and drawing on.  So, I would take over our large 8-chair dining room table and design a whole town of buildings, cards and people who lived in the town.  I wish I would have taken pictures of these designs; I remember having fun playing and designing these little worlds.  I'd color, draw doors and windows on each building, made cars and little people who stopped in the local store to buy sugar.

Ah, the skateboard.  We use to make skateboard routines with music in her driveway.  There was a time we tried a dual routine down this really steep hill in my little town.  I remember falling off as we skidded down on our skateboards, my tale-bone hurt for weeks afterwards.  We did this for a few weeks, it would got old; kept doing it for a little while longer, until one day, I stopped.  I can't even remember why.

It's amazing looking back at all of the toys that we had the luxery to play with, just like music, when you see the toy on the shelf in the store, it brings back fond memories of those wonderful times your choice of toys to play with, your types of play, and the imagination used.  We were lucky to have this time.

Ah, wonderful memories of toys I played with when I was younger.

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Alisha said...

This is funny - yeah, Barbies did get old, but what about taking them out in the back 40 and dressing them in leaves LOL? I often recall the Flatsy dolls, and like your experience, not many people remember their existence. I remember one of the mean neighbor boys calling me Flatsy when I was a kid, you see the irony I'm sure.