Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Packers were amazed by Bug's Trip to the Store

What a great day! Met so many people today, some directors and publishers, agents to help me with ideas for my cartoon series, tooty, toot!  We'll see where that leads, but omg, what a great day!  I met Aaron Rogers in person, Leon's gonna flip!  And most of the rest of my family and friends who are avid packer goers/watchers.  Aaron and the Pack loved Bug's Trip to the Store, additional celebs that were excited about my book and wanted my john-hancock are Bern Cohen, Jillian Neal, Alex "Punch" Hyde-White, Nina Manni to name a few.  Here are some of their comments and pictures:

My favorite daughter, who has been invited to more VIP events at Sundance than a celebrity themself! She had chocolate covered strawberries, a VIP pass into a famous band, and several VIP parties, meeting Sean White, the professional snowboard champ to name a few.  Here's me and MY famous daughter, of whom I'm so proud:

Aaron Rogers, "What a great book!" It was nice to meet Aaron in person.

Even the packer crew like Bug, they thought it was really cool. (They towered over me, but it was so cool having them there and the positive comments they made about my book).

Jillian Neal from the Runaways said, "My neice will love this book, I can't wait to read it to her!"

Alex "Punch" Hyde-White, who starred in movies such as Pretty Women, was very impressed and offered to help me get my cartoon series on it's feet.  He said, "I love the idea and the character, how fun!"

Bern Cohen (and his daughter) really liked Bug's Trip to the Store, he said, "I think you have something here, what a creative idea, I can't wait to see it come to life on the movie screen!"

It was a special day in the celebrity lounge today.  I really enjoyed talking with so many talented and ambitious people who are living their dream, as I am mine.

Hugs to all!

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Anonymous said...

looks nice kim, glad to hear about all the great things your book is going to lead you to. congrats and nice going. i will be ordering a book or two pretty soon now that a-rod and the gang approve it.
on the bugs trip to the store, does it run over a deer (just kidding) i had to drop that in. good luck and again, congrats