Friday, January 22, 2010

Sundance Celebrity Gift Lounge

Today was a fun-filled day meeting celebrities who enjoy Bug's Trip to the Store.  They LOVE it and are excited about the possibilities.  Here are some snapshots from the days events, with celebs who love Bug!!! Kevin Sorbo, Alfredo Maduro, Mojo, Sebastian Beacon, Kasey Marr. Take a look at some of the pictures of celebs supporting Bug's Trip to the Store, the first children's book in Bug's Adventure Series.

Original Lead actor in Hercules, Kevin Sorbo said, "I can't wait to read Bug's Trip to the Store to my daughter! Love the Bug cartoon character."

Melissa "Mojo" Hunter said, "I love the drawings and the message the Bug's Trip to the Store has, very colorful book!"

The cast from General Hospital, Kasey Marr (far right) and Alfred Maduro specifically stated, "Bug's Trip to the Store has a sort of spiritual message about 'the power of now' and 'you can do it', I love that!"

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