Thursday, March 25, 2010

Between The Lion's is introduced to Bug's Adventure Series

Christopher Cerf is a wonderful, creative visionary!!!
Between The Lion's is introduced to Bug's Adventure Series.  I was introduced to Christopher Cerf who is the Executive Producer of the PBS daily series Between the Lion's.  All three Bug's Adventure Series soft cover books and online books were selected to be in the Between the Lions display at PLA.
Chris and I 
Introducing Bug's Adventure Series .. to Between the Lions

Bug's books were selected to be displayed with the Between the Lions Exhibit...
Bug's Adventure Online Books 
At the National PLA
Signing Books

Sharing stories about Bug
More fun and excitement in Portland!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bug's Adventure Series debut @ PLA

I attended the national library associations conference in Oregon, debuting Bug's Adventure Series.  What a great opportunity and great fun!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Bug Goes through the Maze children's book in Bug's Adventure Series

A “Bug” Teaches Children the Importance of Never Giving Up…Even When Things Seem To Difficult 

In this day and age, it takes resiliency, courage and creativity to work through the many changes that are coming our way. Find out how one little yellow car faces his many challenges on the way to the store.

In life, children and adults both face obstacles that can cause fear and anxiety. Bug Goes Through the Maze reminds us that through hard times and difficulties, we can all learn important lessons to help us become stronger in the process. It also reminds us how to make every day an adventure, while overcoming that particular day’s obstacles.

Bug takes you on an exciting new journey as he makes his way through a maze in Bug Goes Through the Maze. He has fun, meets new friends, and even gets a little nervous when he has trouble finding his way out. But he refuses to give up and because of that, he makes his way out of the maze. This book reinforces perseverance and strength and this little energetic yellow car named Bug is inspirational. Bug Goes Through the Maze is a delightful story with a joyful cadence and lively imagery.
Author K. M. Groshek is an executive coach, marathon runner, writer, and artist. Bug Goes Through the Maze is one of many books in her Bug’s Adventure series.

Boys, girls, young and old alike will enjoy these delightful stories that demonstrate Bug’s persistence during his journey and the inspiration that comes from never giving up.

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Bug's Adventure Series website:,

For media inquiries, appearances, or other publicity — please contact: K.M. Groshek at

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Friday, March 5, 2010

Oscars Celebrity Gift Lounge

At the WOW! Creations Oscar Suite, celebs like Masi Oka from Heroes and Deanna Pappas from The Bachelorette picked up Bug's Adventure Series children's books, celebrities chose from either Bug's Trip to the Store or Bug Meets his Friend.  What a great day at the oscars celebrity gift lounge.

Donna Mills star best know in Knots Landing, picked up Bug Meets his Friend for her nephew.  She thought it was very cute.

Jason Whyte, the star in Avatar, really liked Bug's Adventure Series.

Deidre Hall stopped by and wanted Bug's Trip to the Store.  She thought it was very cute.

***More pictures to follow, these are a select few of those interested in my  children's books.