Monday, May 10, 2010

College Graduation day for my baby girl!

It's a wonderful mix of emotions when you watch your one and only daughter walk down the graduation isle to the stage to receive her college diploma.  It seems like only yesterday when I bundled her up in her oversized pink snow-suite that she drowned in, getting ready to leave the hopital after having her, that icy-cold blustery week.  Her little mouth and nose; her hands crunched in a fist, opening only to grab at my finger to clutch tightly, with her eyes closed tight, as she opened her mouth to try a new yawn.

Yes, my beautiful daughter is now, 22, walking down the graduation isle, after a fun-filled 4 years taking hold of an abundant university life.  Joining the swim-team, then taking on the dive-team for the first time in her life.  It was an amazing transition from gymnastics and swimming competitively.  Being involved in a sorority, taking on many new leadership and management positions during her four years.  A key member in college Circle-K, volunteering her weekends to help prepare camps for underprivileged kids.  Studying abroad and living in Madrid Spain for a year.  Learning to use public transportation and speaking the native Spanish language, taking solo trips around the country, staying at hostels, meeting new friends, and visiting old friends.  Working as a marketing intern for a fortune-100 company for two summers, receiving a national award after her first summer, then being promoted to a project leader the second.  It wasn't always easy work; however, the growth was insurmountable.  It was amazing to watch on the peripherals, gliding on her coat-tails as she shared her wonderful college adventures.  The lessons she learned were great; gaining strong skills to bring with her in her new life.

Her next chapter will be fresh, with a whole new story to create,gaining fresh experiences, lessons to learn and up-hill growth.  Carrying along with her, the knowledge toolbox, with fresh tools, and available space for new tools and time to sharpen the tools she acquired.  

I know she will be strong, happy and work hard, because that is who she is, my little girl, who once was a helpless baby bundled in a pink snowsuit and soft baby blanket, looking up at me in wonderment and love.