Tuesday, June 29, 2010

An Early Conversation Between The Birds

Purpose is what gives life a meaning.~Charles H. Perkhurst

The old tree heard a beautiful conversation between the birds this morning in the backyard.

The birds were up and about, sharing conversations and songs.  The momma bird said to her friend in the other tree, "Good Morning My friend."
And her response was, "Good Morning, and how are you?"

Three other birds chirped, perched while singing from different trees, "Tweet, tweeter, twitter" with synchronizing harmony.

The songs in the trees quieted for a moment.

Then, one bird started singing loudly, "Chirp, twitter, tweet, twit, twit♫."  It was a funny tune, since the sound grew from a rattling beak of the bird sitting silently before.

I heard the flutter of wings flapping in the sky; then a solitary song came from the other side of the trees, "twitter, tweet, twit."

Another bird exclaimed a "See, Saw, See, Saw" tone, it was like a chain squeaking while a child swings on an old swing at the park.

Then a singing tune arose close by; like a man was whistling at a pretty lady from across the street, "Fse, Pshew."

What a wonderful way to eavesdrop on a conversation with a few birds in neighboring trees under the early morning sun..


Christine Robinson said...

Kim, your photo here reminds me of one posted on my blog a while back! (Scroll down)


K.M. Groshek said...

Wow! That's uncanny. If the wooden posts weren't in your picture, I would think you were in my backyard and took a picture. Like minded outside wanderers. That's great!