Sunday, June 27, 2010

Laughter, It's Contageous

Smile, laugh, hug, snuggle, etc... it all touches the soul!~Melissa Malueg

I went to a movie with my family the other day. All of us laughed hard during that movie.  This doesn't happen often. In fact, the whole audience was laughing with us.  Yes, sometimes I laugh at things during the movies that the rest of the audience doesn't think is as funny.  I suppose, if you can imagine, this can be funny too.

I laughed so hard during some parts of this movie that I was almost on the floor, with downright hysterical laughter.

I remember when I was a little girl my family would go to church each Sunday.  I sat in those hard seats at church, we called them pews in my childhood church.  I tried to sit up-right, stiff as a board, in those old wooden seats. I can still smell the stench of old wood, the musty air and hear the echoing coughs. I would hear a squeak from another person who moved in a seat nearby, as I waited for the service to start.  Half way through the hour, my sister and I would hear some word the person up front would speak; our eyes would connect and we both would start snickering. The snickering would turn into quiet laughter, that laughter turned into tears that streamed down our cheeks. It felt like I couldn't stop. My shoulders would jiggle as I laughed in whispers.  Not planned or orchestrated; only circumstantial laughter.  The laughter felt good.  I like to have a good laugh.

My daughter tells hilarious quirks and stories; in fact, she is known to be a jokester by many of her friends.  She tries to poke fun with me; however, I don't always get the punch-line.  She asks me, "Mom, why don't you think I'm funny? Dad does."  I answer, "I don't know."  I am glad that we can have moments like we had at the movie theater; she peaked over and smiled at the antics we both could relate to from our experiences together.  It is a freeing experience.

Life has so many pressures or maybe I put a lot of pressures on life.
As I walked out of the movie theater with my family; we talked about how much we laughed. I have to admit, I felt cleansed in an odd sort of way.  I'm glad that I went to the movie with my family that day. It was a wonderful time to connect on a lighter level and just have fun!

Yes, laughter is good for the soul.

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