Monday, June 21, 2010

People don't always know what they think.

It's funny how people can make assumptions, one look at you and think they know you.
I remember when I was in high school, I was a silly girl, liked having fun, being in the moment; because of this one of the mom's called me flaky
(and of course, being from a small town, told other mom's I was as well).

Periodically, I see this mom at events when I am visiting my family back home.  She still has her skewed glasses on, having no idea what I've accomplished, what my family is like, however, she still looks at me like a flake.

It's too bad really, when someone does that.  

If she would have taken time to get to know me, even now, there are very special stories that come from my life; like, 
  • My Great Grandpa was an Entrepreneur who was successful in many ventures.
  • I come from a musician background, my Grandpa Les was in a professional traveling band.
  • My Grandma was an artist, creating beautiful clothes and afghan quilts for us girls growing up.  
  • My Mom is a beautiful alto singer, played bells in the bell choir and plays the accordion during family gatherings and holidays.
  • I too, have a colorful portfolio under my belt.  
  • And the list goes on and on... (this is for another day)
It's funny; I think it was probably about 15 years ago, when I ran into this "mom" when I was listening to my friend in the band she sings in.

The mom came up to me and started talking with me, asking me what I'm doing with my life.  I started explaining to her the things I was doing, and at that time I was a network administrator; I was taken aback by her reaction once I told her this.  She said to me, "How were you able to get something like that?"  In a real snotty tone, as if she assumed I wouldn't become anyone or anything.  I didn't even realize until that meeting how she felt about me.  Strange how we think we can control someone's future if we either label them or don't think highly of them.  It's sad really.  

I've learned from this experience, it was a tough one to live; however, the thing I try really hard to do is keep an open mind and not judge the people I meet, even if it's just for one time.  I try to help those whom I may see have deficiencies.  Instead of watching and thinking they'll fail, I plant seeds and encourage them; watch them blossom to become who I know they can become.   There are so many experiences that make us who we are and knowing that each person is a special individual is wonderful knowledge to have.  
This is the key to our future.

I have to really work hard to let go of those judgments and allow people to become...  I work hard at it every day.  It's important for me to allow people to be the wonderful people God created them to be.  I believe our world would be a kinder place if others would get on this bandwagon as well.

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j. s. kitololo said...

it takes courage to believe in people's potential rather than fall into the labeling game. courage and a certain effort. going against the flow of things...
and what rewards it brings! it's worth the effort. i'd like to try to be less a labeler and more a believer myself.
and i'm grateful i read this