Friday, June 25, 2010

Say "Hi" Neighbor

Because I'm technologically able to find a like-minded person on the other side of the globe, I'm also more interested in making friends with my next-door neighbor.~Jeffrey Klein
This quote made me chuckle and brings back so many memories of my childhood neighborhood friends. We use to stay out late and wait until it was dark so that we could play Star Light Moon Light with all of the neighborhood kids. I wonder what happened to all of those kids. There must have been at least ten of us playing Kick the Can during the mid-day sun in the quiet street or Fisher Price Neighborhood with the neighborhood girls. And then there were the days of dirt-biking. The guys made challenging tracks in the back fields; they would have races and bring in all kinds of kids from our small town.

Oh the memories....

My daughter grew up on organized sports, her specialty was USA gymnastics and USS sanctioned swim team. Yes, she was talented and a natural, she was good, competitive not so much; however, I loved watching her glide through the water as she competed so naturally and the gym always silenced when she performed on floor for gymnastics. I always wished I had half her physical talent. My daughter is all grown up and going to grad school now; she brought me great joy as she grew up.

I do still stay in touch with my one good neighborhood friend who has always been like a sister to me.  We have so many stories that we can tell our kids; well, maybe we shouldn't tell all. =D  
I learned a lot from my friend and she, to this day, makes me think and keeps me grounded in many ways. Even though my daughter experienced her friendships different than I, she gained valuable friendships she met through her sports.  She
 doesn't do much of either sport these days.  She continues to have strong friendships.  I imagine she, also, has stories she can tell and not tell.

When my grandma was alive, I would meet up with her a lot, either in Florida or Wisconsin.  We would have long, philosophical talks about how people have changed and how they are the same. I loved those blossoming conversations with my grandma.

It is different now; especially with technology speeding things up and changing how we exchange information with each other. It takes effort to make sure there is a good balance. I work hard at making sure the balance is there, scheduling face to face time "with" people. I have long talks with my friend over coffee, the cup which is refilled many times during our detailed conversation. I figure, as long as I keep the balance and focus on it as a priority I will be fine. I find that time in real conversation is precious, and there's an amazing thing that happens when I walk over to my neighbor working outside in the yard and I say Hi.

Special note...Fond Memories of the neighborhood kids: Peter, Patrick, Lori & Paula (I am not sure they never played with us), Alisha, Aaron, Pete (down the road), Laura, Susie, Michael, Brian, and sometimes the Alvarez kids were there, and myself.


Just_because_today said...

nothing beats the face to face or a phone conversation. Technology doesn't do the trick. Really nice post!

K.M. Groshek said...

Thank you Myriam! Truly a very long story behind this post and one that is a BIG lesson I learned. Will have to tell you sometime when we meet up in person for a girls weekend away! Maybe even add a run to the mix. Until then we'll keep in touch through posts and SM. This is, remember, how we got to know each other; so, there is a lot of good in SM (CS) as well. =D