Thursday, June 24, 2010

There is no Somewhere Else. Everything is right here. ~Brad Warner

Harmony among the major faiths has become an essential ingredient of peaceful coexistence in our world.
I ran into an old working colleague after my run at the city square the other day.  He knew me instantly, even after 15 years, and he quickly introduced his friend he was with and asked, "Are you working?".  It's funny how work becomes the main focus in our lives.  It was nice to see him.  We had a short conversation, he had a pressing meeting to get to.  I can't believe time has slipped by so quickly.  I wonder if he would have asked the question, "Are you living your dream?"  I would immediately answer, "Yes".

I have wonderful moments when I meet my close friend for coffee; we are so immersed in our conversation when we meet that we find the breakfast crowd becomes the lunch crowd.  We hardly notice all of the movement and noises around us.  We keep talking, smiling, laughing, sharing and remembering, as if we have years of things to catch up on even though it's been only a few weeks since we last met.  We are friends even though we don't go to the same church or believe in the same religion, or even are the same age; however, we can spend hours, upon hours talking the morning away.  I'm not saying church or religion doesn't come up in our conversation, it does.  Spirituality is intertwined in everything I do.

I have to admit, my spiritual journey has not been the smoothest road, partly because God is right there and always has been, leading the way and I don't always look.  He doesn't always clean the path in front of me, because God knows how much I can handle.  I may not always handle things in my life well; however, it's life; as long as I believe and know that all is right and good, I'm okay.

There are times when I will stop while I'm walking, literally turn around and imagine I am looking two years back in my life.  I smile with appreciation, it's not the things or status; but the progress, transition, and happiness that I've achieved in my life!

So many days, weeks and years I've been accomplishing great things in my career; little did I know I was going against the grain of my inner-desire.  Living for the future instead of living today, this minute.  I am still accomplishing great things in my life, they are truly what is in my heart and desire; and I know that this is my calling, it just took a while for me to answer the phone.

It is nice to know that today I have so many deep-rooted friends who are with me in the moment; plus, I am with myself in the moment.  I wonder if my colleague of 15 years would have been there with me; maybe our connection would have been real.  That moment has past, my contemplation complete.  I was going to ask you, "A
re you living your dream?"

"Progress is made in the small, intentional steps, and chances are, you have more power than you think. By focusing on little steps you can take every day, the progress you make will motivate you to continue your journey, and eventually, you can go wherever you want to go."
-- Stephen Cherniski

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