Friday, July 16, 2010

Writing about home

Live so that when your children think of fairness and integrity, they think of you.~H. Jackson Brown

Home is where the heart is, my friend!
I was helping my friend pack up and emotionally move from the midwest to California where her husband was relocated for his job.  A fresh start, he was going to be the VP of their regional division on the west coast.  Back home, my friend dreaded the move.  In fact, it took her over two years to decide to put their house up for sale and make the final move; while her husband worked on the west coast for 2 years, living in a small apartment, flying back to the Midwest occasionally, with several phone calls to the family daily.

We sat on the only chairs left, placed in the empty living room, we pondered on all of the memories that the house held.  The laughter, crying, anger and rebellion.  All wrapped up in the arms of this quaint home.  We hugged as we said our good byes.  She felt lost for words.  I held my hand to her heart and said softly, "Home is where your heart is my friend.  Remember that!"  She smiled with glistening tears in her eyes as she hugged me long and hard.

I walked out the door, looking back waving.  Our homes are where we are, our heart and soul.  This is where our children, family and friends will come; naturally, gracefully and gratefully back.  Not being forced or pulled.   One home; one heart!

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