Monday, August 23, 2010

Fall is coming...

I am now at this moment all that I need to be.~Unknown

The other day, I saw these beautiful maple seeds, helicopters, floating from the sky as I was driving.

It gave me a childlike sense, a soft, quiet and narcotic feeling.  Comfort!!  

This experience allowed me to open my mind and reminisce about the times when I'd walk to school.  I would stop to watch the fluttering maple seeds, floating aimlessly; as though they were orchestrated in some way.  There's a natural flitter, flutter as the seeds softly glide through the sky down to the sidewalk in front of me.

I picked one up and observed the seedling at the bottom of the web like tip that I was almost able to see-through.

I drive my convertible and each time I see a helicopter flutter through the sky I felt a sense of my childhood; knowing fall is coming.

Fall... one of my favorite seasons.  I imagine the scents of the fall leaf, the sights of their turning bright colored transitions, the sights of the dancing seedlings falling from the trees, and feelings of the cooler wind fidgeting in my face and the fresh dark-auburn acorns that we couldn't eat.
These are deep-strewn memories that are glued to my intuition, my life and my inner-self.

The winged helicopter seeds spin, falling from the high elevated branches; just as life spins on, from the higher form of elevation.

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