Saturday, August 7, 2010

It’s not that people aim too high and miss, it’s that they aim too low and hit.

It seems obvious to me that we are most productive, persistent, creative, and flexible when we’re engaged in precisely the combination of activities that brings us maximum fun.~Martha Beck

I have never been good with directions; and then I always seem to take either the round-about or longer route. I call myself direction-dyslectic. Just come ride along with me to a place I have never been and you will have witnessed at least one of my “Kim’s U-bangy’s”.  Yes, I even labeled them!  I find myself turned around in a place I’ve never been many times.

Some people laugh at me, some have it all figured out stating that “men have a better direction sense than women” and others, sit quietly in the passenger seat and ride along on the whirlwind route of loops, swerves and valleys.   It’s amazing the places I end up seeing by taking these routes!  Like the other day, I was driving to find a bay on the Ocean-front of New Brunswick. We turned off the major highway and, since the gps didn't work in Canada, I guessed. It ended up being one of the most beautiful routes I have seen.  We stopped on roads that ended at the water and a ferry stopped, I drove on and I enjoyed the ride to the other side where I continued on the road.

Its fun traveling, however, I have to admit, I enjoy it more when I have my atlas, gps, computer with MapQuest and my notepad with scribbles of notes and destination addresses and phone numbers. I arrive at my destination eventually, it may not always be the place I expect. That’s what makes traveling such an adventure!

Traveling inspires me, opens my eyes to new thoughts and ideas!  I have done and created so much from my traveling experiences.  It's courageous to explore those unknown places to you.  It's time to go out on a limb!  Go places you've never been; make a u-turn or two and see where you end up.  The adventure is yours! Enjoy the u-bangy's because they will take you to places that you would never expect.  And finally, have fun!

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