Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Flying by the Coat-tales of Life!

Most often, heartbroken people are unknowingly grieving a loss or trauma rooted in childhood or adolescence. That’s because we tend to fall in love with people who remind us of those who care for us – even badly – when we were young and totally vulnerable.~Martha Beck

I read this quote today and was fascinated with it. I found myself reading it, then reading it again, thinking wow, this  is so true; the heart-brakes that occur are sometimes deep-rooted and we loose sight because of the loss or trauma that occurred.   There is much in my childhood that I don't remember, as I grow older there is less and less I remember.

Now that I am following my passion, dreams and desires; doing new and risky things in my life, I find many people want to come along for the ride.  I know what I am doing is special.  In a small way it is making the world a better place.  Touching one person at a time.  I find the people that ride on my coat-tales eventually start using their own wings to take flight toward their dreams and desires.

I find myself looking forward.  The sky seems bigger to me now in many ways.  Just as the quote suggests "we don’t have to wait for something to happen before we choose to activate our good within".  We might as well move on with life. Those past experiences that we cannot remember are hidden for many reasons. Unless it truly affects how you function in this world. Continue forward!  All in all, “Difficulties mastered are opportunities won”, right?

Don't wait for life to pass you by. Let your own desires be in the drivers seat and go!! Let's get up and go; make a difference, stand up for what you believe in, where are your passions?  Live life!