Monday, September 12, 2011

Ego is the immediate dictate of human consciousness.~Max Planck

"A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval."--Mark Twain

by L. Groshek
I read this article the other day. It was a poignant letter that a 50 year old wrote to his younger self about losing his ego. It touched me in an odd way. Interesting how we start gaining wonderful skills and share our talents in our careers and the money comes along with it. As more money comes in, one's ego starts getting pretty buff.

I was there too. I think we all get there at some time in our lives. Everyone learns eventually, either you take a pretty hard fall or a simpler form of the lesson in life. We quickly learn that we aren't the only smart one out there and aren't any smarter than the person working next to us. Sometimes the hardest fall or biggest blow in life really makes us wake up and realize, "I made a mistake. Time to pick myself up and start again". We are all here to do what's best in this world; hopefully, having the best intentions. Maybe I'm fooling myself, I hope not. It doesn't mean that I can't live with my best intentions. It makes me feel good doing good for others.

I liked the idea that Simon, the author of the letter wrote to his younger self. I think I'm going to sit down and try it. It will be interesting to see what the letter says. Here goes...

by L. Groshek
Dear Younger self,
Slow down!! Wake up and see. Be confident and unafraid to make mistakes; stay open to the wonders and possibilities of the universe. Don't be so driven that you cannot live and enjoy the things you love. Take time to breath and enjoy nature. Get out there and sit in a field and enjoy the sun on your face. Stop being so pushy with your helpful ways. Saver the moment and allow others to "come along" in their time. Appreciate what you have instead of trying for more. Instead of reaching high, reach only to the person next to you and be there. Really be there, with them in the moment, in the conversation.

Appreciate what you have right next to you and create those memories with them. Use your creativity and talents. Don't stuff them away like they didn't exist. Show the world who you are, stop hiding. Don't put that thing on the back burner. Do it now!
Appreciate those special moments, like the wind hitting your face as you sit on the picnic table by the lake and stare out in the distance or seeing the brilliant colors in the summer flowers. Hearing the sounds of kids swimming, the pitter-patter of your little one who wants your attention. Be there, physically, in mind and in spirit. See the beautiful colors, smell the magnificent scents, and hear those special sounds. Take what someone gives you, it's okay, really. Open your heart to it all.

Stop thinking everyone says it must be this way.  Instead do it the way you want, but be sure to put your ego aside and stop being so cocky about it. Stay focused. That's an easy one for you because you are brilliant, just be sure to slow down. Those moments go way too fast.

Appreciate you and allow your God-given gifts to flourish wherever you go. You are a special person, your brilliance will overwhelm you, be okay with it and move on.
Enjoy Life!

Your older self

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