Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Visit to the ER...

"They're not going to catch us; We're on a mission from God."~The Blues Brothers

I was watching taxi on retro TV the other day and silly dude says, "America's a tough town."  Very cute, and very telling. 

How do we see things?

I was holding hands my my best friend's autistic son while we walked to the park.  He kept on saying, "It's a message from God."  That is what I associate with the quote.

I went to the Emergency room the other day, I barely go to the doctor.  I would say I've been to the doctor about 5 years ago, yikes!  But, I am healthy.

My experiences there have always been frustrating.

I went there because I had chest pains, a very unusual chest pain that I never had before. It lasted over 3 minutes and it wasn't like acid reflux, it was like it was being compressed or like something was trying to get through at it got stuck.  I was at a coffeehouse and after I almost was faint, the episode passed I figured it would be best to drive home.  So I packed everything up, called my husband at work and told him of the situation.

As I was driving home I thought to myself, “You know, this is unusual and since the hospital is on my way, it wouldn’t hurt to have them take a look at my situation.” 

So I ended up taking a detour halfway, driving to the emergency room (ER) to have them take a look at me.  I went in and told them my symptoms.  They put me in a wheelchair and had me answer questions while the ER nurse entered information in the computer.  They seemed to respond as if it were urgent.

They pushed me to my ER room and got me situated on the bed, connecting me to heart monitors and asked me more questions.  A few minutes later my husband arrived and my close friend who is a nurse that works there stopped by to check on me.

The ER doctor stopped in and asked me if I smoked.  I mentioned that I smoked over 25 years ago when I was in college. He kept elaborating on this and tried to give me a lesson on smoking, instead of asking me what I do now.  Which is run, try to eat healthy and live healthy.  Although, I like my glass of wine or two in the evenings.  He ordered some blood tests and a chest X-ray and then walked out of the room.  He also talked about how I am young and this is very unusual.  I felt as if he was reprimanding me for even coming in.  

I felt I had to justify my coming in stating that I barely meet my annual physical requirements.  I was disturbed as I always am when I go visit the doctors.

After the tests were completed I was strolled back to my ER room and read for over an hour, waiting for my results to come back.  My husband was on duty for work and had to get back to action and it was fine.  The doctor stepped in and talked a lot about how my “profile” was a “low risk profile” and this was highly unusual.  Again, I felt like he was talking to a two year old.   I thought, “Does this guy even know who I am, my background, my intelligence level or anything?”  He was basing all of his analysis on data, there was no thought to the human characteristics, which I was. 

I thought to myself, "I’m not stupid."

I know my chest was not working the same way.  I wondered, “geez, so what does it take? A fricken’ heart attack?”  What if I had to go back in because my heart was having problems.  Data doesn’t always tell all and you know what, I’m not stupid, I know my body!!! I run every day, okay I took a week off because I was having eye problems and was worried I had some high sugar issues, but… “Come On!”  I do not trust doctors.  From my experience it’s been all about the data and not about me.  I tell you, I would not and do not like going to the doctors, because I feel that I know myself more than doctors do, pretty much all of the time.  It sure was frustrating.  He gave me a prescription for ant-acid.  And little did he know, I already was taking it.  Obviously, didn’t solve the problem.

And then today, I found out Obama approved a new federal law that is going to tax us on the insurance, as income, received from the companies who partially pay for our insurance.  I feel bad for what we are doing to our kids, especially my daughter.

Sure is a frustrating world.  I am truly not happy with the way things are going right now.  Take from the middle class to try to alleviate the burden.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

It is what it is, but it can change!

Houston - we have a problem!~Apollo 13

While traveling I came across this tacky hotel where, as typical, the desk clerk ask for my ID to verify my identity.  Then he sneakily entered my drivers license into the hotel computer system while I was standing right there, without asking if I cared or wanted to give this information to him. (You could tell on his face he knew he was doing something wrong).  I was very annoyed.  I have no clue why I didn't say anything, and I left feeling violated. (Days later, I think about how I should have said something, and I may just write a letter to the executive of the hotel chain and voice my concerns).

I'm not sure if we are realizing how much of our information is being put in the computer systems and how much can be linked together and hacked by people who either want to make a fast buck or will use the information against us someday.   I just watched the Girl with the Dragon Tatoo and what one of the characters does is so real.  I know this because I am a Computer Geek, besides the other professional labels that I am.  I got out of Computers knowing just that, I didn't want to be a part of continuing to develop our world to the way it is going. It's truly a mess, the Banking Industry, the focus on Money, the Computer (or electronic age that many are calling it now, to include phones and all of the other devices we so heavily rely on) and manipulated Power.

At this time I have no thoughts on a solution.  The only act that I could easily do, is walk out on my Computer Science doctorate, so that I would not be a developer in the game.  And I know so much that is going on in this world, it is truly scary.  Everyone tags along and uses the technology without a thought how it affects the tide of the world.

My friend and I talked about how the banking industry would not consume, the consumer, if the banks were broken up into smaller units.  Similar to what was done with the telephone industry, the monster was tamed.  The only way to get the message out there is similar to how education is being reformed now, someone with a big show and big money can snap her finger and the president takes notice.  The banking industry must be changed so that the economy can change.  The story I heard from my friend about the process she went through after losing everything to the bank was unbearable.  I truly felt for her experience.   It's a wonder why my Grandpa saved all his money in his sock drawer.  At this time, the bank has the power and authority to do it because it is a large bank.   The banks are looking at the bottom line and how it can benefit the bank.

It is, what it is right now. =S

If we all ban together and get our ideas to solve each of these problems, a difference will start to happen.  I know I don't have the answer to it all, do you.  As the old saying goes, together we can!