Monday, April 11, 2011

Name doesn't ring a bell.

"To think is easy. To act is hard. But the hardest thing in the world is to act in accordance with your thinking." - Johann von Goethe

I find as I move on in life, there are times I cannot remember the simplest things.  My physical response is not as quick.  My durability a little slower.  The years have given me strength and knowledge of a different sort.  I am strong in "who I am" and "what I believe" I am smart in "what I have learned" from the "experiences I have gained".  It is a very different perspective at this time in my life.

My running career is still there, but on hold.  During this lengthy wait-time, I learn patience, now I understand when people say, "patience is golden."  Life is very precious.

I am feeling strength that I never felt before and appreciate life.  It's a new apprecation, which I never really had when I was in my 20's.

Time keeps ticking along, I see life in the moment as a precious element.  I see more, hear more, gleam more color in the stories I hear.  It is so much more important to me, to appreciate those moments with the special people in my life who are always there for me, some emotionally, some physically and others just there to contirbute a piece of their lives where we can help each other.

So, my thoughts continue to strive toward perfection.
Even though I can't always remember as I use to, I seem to have an inherent way to bring life and depth to the situations in the moment.

That depth is the most meaningful contribution.


Just_because_today said...

that is an important force in one's life, to move towards perfection. A goal that can never be attained thus we are always challenged to move forward.
Why is your running on hold?

K.M. Groshek said...

So true Miriam.
I tore my ACL apart in my left leg and the doctor says I can run on it when it heals, which, by the way, is slowly getting there, only can walk as if it looks normal. But, not to the extent to achieve my goals (which are qualify for Boston and do one ironman before I'm 50). So, I have to get this extensive surgery to take a muscle from one part of my leg and replace the ACL connection, which helps hold my knee together. I have this surgery scheduled for June and the Doc says it will take approx. 6 months on crutches (to heal). I opted for this because I want to be able to run. I've cancelled and rescheduled the surgery once already and a bit worried about doing this. It's been a time for experimentation and honoring other ways to keep my body healthy; such as swimming and yoga; but I have to admit it's been a tough going some days. (almost like mourning the loss of a connection to my running). I know there's a lesson in there somewhere as there always are in these life events. I can say it hasn't stopped me since I am working on both a doctorate and Phd, traveling for networking events, working on my next "adult" book (with another author) and interviewing for a permanent position; which looks very likely to find out the results in the next few weeks. Thank you for the comment!! How's your running going? ~K (Tooty toot)