Monday, May 9, 2011

Flying Critique: Frontier Airlines

A letter to Frontier Executives.

To Whom It May Concern,

I wanted to send you a note about my experience as a first time passenger on Frontier airlines since the Midwest buy-out.  My husband and I decided to take Frontier to Denver, Colorado; I fly a lot, usually flying with two other airlines.

I must say the flight was very smooth and I didn’t even feel the turbulence that usually is caused by the high winds touching down in Denver.  This was very nice.  Our first flight out from Madison, we were quite impressed with this and the spacious seats and nice size compartments for carry-on luggage (which I always do considering I am always cutting my trips very thin to make sure I get to my destination in time).  The Cookies are nice, but not really necessary (nuts or some other healthier solution would be nicer, but I won’t complain about this since your airlines likes to so the cookie thing).   Or, you could remove the cookie altogether and replace the cost of the cookie by providing a movie for free.  The niche you have is a comfortable and smooth flight.  A good VOICE OF THE CUSTOMER 3 question survey could prove out these items I mention).

There are several complaints I had share with you.  I am including suggested solutions for you to consider implementing from the voice of the customer. 
  • 1.       I was relaxing in my seat about 20 minutes into the flight when the flight attendants started to hand out beverages.  I noticed several customers (passengers) ask if they could purchase sandwiches.  The flight attendant said that they only sell sandwiches on the return flight. After hearing the passengers make the same request and the same dialogue occurred again and again as the attendants moved down the isle; I thought to myself, “That is strange, why are they only selling on the return flightWhy does this airline only sell on certain flights?”  Each customer is a customer and I believe that each person should be treated equally.  Solution - “Offer selling sandwiches to customers on ALL flights.”  Fair is fair to ALL Customers, same service again and again.
  • 2.       My husband and I wanted to watch a movie, there was a screen displayed only a few feet away from me.  If there was no movie, I would settle for programming.  I learn that the movies or any programming costs $6.00.  Why? I noticed almost every seat had the insert card on their screen.  Solution – Offer movies or programming to everyone and just add $.50 more on each person’s flight ticket.  This will cover those 6 people who actually paid for the movie and you are then making all of your customers happy.  (*And, where did the radio stations go, I remember Midwest use to have them and I enjoyed listening to music on my flights).
  • 3.       Finally, why separate out a few people and give them free food and free movies (or a free gift)?  When the rest of us see this and go, “now why are these people getting this free service and not me?”  Solution – if you have a program, advertise this to your customers so we know “why” you are doing it?  If it is a senior citizen benefit, I AM ALL FOR IT!!!   And if it is the case that you have such a program, advertise it so we know.  I am certain everyone would agree with this wonderful perk that your company would offer all seniors flying your airline.  Seniors deserve this, they lived their quality life, they should be treated like kings and queens.    If your rewards that you give out (free food and movie) is not given to seniors and is just a random selection, then why do you do this?  I think this segregates out special treatment to customers.  (*Don’t really appreciate this, unless again there is a reason spelled out to all customers).

Another small comment that I did notice is *it seems that your company has internal communication issues, and if I notice this as a customer there is a problem.  Typically a well-run operation provides a well-serviced customer.  This may be something for Frontier to look at as they are readjusting how you run your business.  

*Note: Since I could not find a formal email to send my comments to, I posted my concerns here in hopes that someone from Frontier might receive them.  

Because I am, the voice of the customer.

Happy Flying!

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