Sunday, May 22, 2011

Master what you do; continue to educate yourself. Never stop learning.

No matter what complex thing you’re learning, from playing the piano to solving calculus equations, the trick is to break the necessary actions down into trivial-seeming behaviors, then practice these behaviors until you can do each one half-asleep, while watching television with one eye and your children with the other. —Martha Beck
An acquaintance asked me the other day, "Why do you go to school so much?  What's the point? You're too old to do anything with it?"

I thought, Wow!  I was taken a-back and eventually contemplated this question.  Why IS it that I keep taking classes and going back to school?  To help me put this into perspective for myself, I tabulated several reasons why I keep going to school:
  1. I love to learn.
  2. I'm never "too old" to learn
  3. There is always something new that I can learn
  4. The more I learn, the more I discover about myself
  5. School is a setting where I can drink in knowledge and contribute as well
  6. My strive to learn is innate
  7. I'm curious
  8. I am a sponge!!!
  9. I believe, "You never stop growing or learning."
  10. I like to challenge myself, raise the bar, do things others have not tried
  11. I like the esoteric nature of research and learning
  12. I am fascinated by nature, science, human nature, politics, religion in a non-satirical manner and philosophy and how it all fits together
  13. Some say I have OCD tendancies (never been diagnosed officially, but my behavior makes people believe they cannot keep up with me hence the acquaintances perspective); however, knowing this has a lot to do with my creative approach to life.
I believe that I will always be learning, going to school, whether it is in a formal or in-formal setting or in daily life.  In many ways, I feel that if I close myself off to learning, thinking I'm done with learning and don't have anything else to learn, then I stopped and gave up on living my life.  I will never do that.

I will work hard to continue to soak up knowledge as it stands before me, to stay aware and open to learning.  Welcoming it every day of my life.

My motto is... continue learning, always stay open to new ideas, never give up on it and never, ever, give in.  Stay focused and continue the drive forward, keep an open mind and continue forward.  Soak up what you learn, like a sponge!  

Continue learning...


Just_because_today said...

when I went back to school to complete my degree, I already had my two kids. I said to my husband "I'm going to be 40 by the time I graduate". He replied "you are going to be 40 regardless"
We are going to age, time is going to pass, why not make good use of it?

K.M. Groshek said...

I think that reply, "You are going to 40 regardless." So true!

* If we continue to look at age instead of our focus in life, mine being giving back and striving to make a positive difference in a small way; then, we never would move forward. This, will demonstrate age!