Monday, May 2, 2011

This is my version... the accident.

I started thinking about Friday.  The day I spent a wonderful early afternoon lunch with a friend afterwards, driving home we were chatting away; when all of the sudden I heard a loud screech, followed by a bang.  My head jerked around where the noise came from, and the first thing I saw was a white car melded into a pillar in front of a bank that was positioned on a tri-corner.  We turned the corner and saw "no parking" signs, and finally drove into a parking lot between two large buildings.

I immediately opened my passenger door and started back towards the accident.  My friend jogged up to me at the cross-walk and we sped across the street toward the car.  There were a few bank tellers, one holding the glass door, evaluating the situation.  I walked through the door into the breezeway and opened the second glass door, finding a young man sitting in a chair to the right in the lobby.  His bloody hand holding a cell-phone to his ear.

He started to talk, "Mom, you aren't going to believe this, I've been in an accident.  I think I fainted.  I took a bit of my sandwich and then all of the sudden I'm here."

My friend, who is a nurse, came out from behind me and said, "I'm a nurse."

The few people helping, scurried away, one to get a first aid kit.

My friend got right to work.

It seemed that I stood there for minutes watching, feeling bad for the young man, in my eyes was no more than a child, someone's kid who was just getting started with his life.  I observed my friend asking the driver questions, simple questions like if he knew what day it was and his birthday, to make sure he was alert.  Turns out he has had a medical condition since he was young, where he would faint.

The police officer came in and started analyzing the situation; this is when we went across to chairs nearby to sit and wait to give information as the officer needed.

After questioning the driver, and another witness, the police officer asked us if we were witnesses.  We said yes, and my friend mentioned she was a nurse, gave her statement and recommended that the driver get checked out at the hospital.

I gave my statement and information and then we were released to go.

We started walking out, seeing police tape around the accident.   I looked at the car embedded into the pillar, how close the driver came to losing his life.  How easily with a little more force, the pillar could have toppled over and results would have been devastating.  I am so glad that we were there to help and the driver only walked away with a few cuts and bruises.

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