Sunday, June 26, 2011

Individual responsibility a good place to begin

You do not have to know how things will happen, just what you want to happen. Hold your vision. 
The state budget is good for Wisconsin’s future because we must start taking individual responsibility and this is a good way to do it. I agree that the approach Gov. Scott Walker took was too quick, but the concept makes sense.
I support people in the service industry, especially teachers, firemen and policemen. Teachers made a choice to work in this profession and they have intense hours during the nine-month school year, However, they do have winter and spring breaks, in-service days and three months off in summer. They work hard for our kids, but are no different than those who work in other industries. If people in other industries must pay part or all of their health insurance, then all professions should take that responsibility.
And much of the money the state receives ends up going to programs that taxpayers never agreed to support, for example, farm subsidies. Why should we pay this?
I have friends in California, Florida and Oregon and I hear the horror stories about the taxes and other overhead costs they have to pay to the government to make up for the deficit in those states. I think this solution is the best for us in our fiscally conservative state. In the end, this state budget will be good for Wisconsin’s future.
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