Thursday, June 2, 2011

Riding the Techno-Wave!

"Stop focusing on what you can't be and start celebrating who you are."~Denise Ryan

I take a moment to lazor in on a distinct area of my expertise.  Many who know me, say I have this balanced left-brain, right-brain mix.  As my friend Caroline put it, "Her technical skills combined with her creative ability and high energy is truly an inspiration for anyone working with her."  I am technically labeled a Computer Scientist and expert in Management in Information Systems.

How did I get here?  Here is my story...  
When I was young, my dad would take us to work on a Saturday.  As a computer operator by trade, he showed us gigantic computers that overtook the entire room.  I sat at a keyboard, punched the keys, and a punched IBM card slid on a track.  I have fond memories with the stacks of IBM cards at my home.  I grew up creating all sorts of wonderful things with them.  I used the IBM cards for writing notes to members of my family, letting them knew where I was, my mom would write our Saturday work lists, and I created whole cities on our dining room table, and so on.

In high school I used a typewriter to complete class assignments.  In college, I would dread writing papers, not having formal keyboard training, it would take me forever to type a paper and one mistake took forever to fix.  It was a tedious task!

I was introduced to computers late in my college career; when I bought my first computer, a ZEOS, top brand at the time.  It thrilled me to try to dismantle the operating system to see if I could break the code to make it work again.  I would take the computer apart, pull cards and figure out if I could put them back in the right slot and make the computer work again.

It was like a puzzle.

I received my first "real job" as a Computer Operations Director for a small non-profit right out of college, with no formal computer training.  I took my first assembler language course 2 years into my career.  Like a sponge, I soaked up anything that I discovered about computers.  I helped candidates access and generate their data lists from tapes, formulate and discover market-place results, fixed and replaced memory and network cards, develop programs, setup networks and the list goes on and on.  I was riding the techno-wave. There were times I was ahead of the wave.  My career grew.

I realize that I have worked in every capacity there is known to date in the Technology Industry.  A few months ago, I sat down and wrote down the list of positions or skills that I gained throughout my career.  It fascinated me!  A truly mind-opening experience, giving myself time to reflect and forcing me to take notice in everything that I have accomplished in my career.

There is much to be said about desire and curiosity, my desire to learn technology has been endless.  Even though, I was not, initially trained in the technology field I have, since then been formerly trained and know the intricacies of Computers, Technology.  Eventually, I learned how to Manage People who Manage Computers, Develop Computer and People Programs, it is truly profound.

My career in the Technology Industry has been an amazing journey and I am a seasoned Techno-Geek riding the Techno-Wave!

*To learn more about me and my experience, please check out my high level profile on Linked In.
*A Special Thanks to Gordon W. Stanley and b.paulini for the pictures.

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