Saturday, June 4, 2011

What actions to take now?

Your unique gifts are hardwired into your system just as surely as your lungs are given their blueprint to breathe. And it’s from these specific talents and gifts that we are able to define and  determine your definite purpose-- the reason why you’re here.
I've been on a journey of discovering myself since I was little. 

I remember my mom use to say to me, "What are you looking for? I think you are looking for something you will never find."

A lot of this self-discovery has to do with my restless and creative spirit, thinking that there is always something more out there to discover and learn.

As I take this self-discovered journey, I liberally learn that ALL I want is to give back in a small way. I want everyone to treat others with respect, with dignity and with honor. It does not seem much to ask; but, as my eyes open and things become vibrantly clear, I notice how just a small gesture of kindness goes a long way. A smile, a hug, a simple nod showing notice or reaching out to say "hi, how are you?"; these are significant.

Over the past several years, I've discovered new passions. I write and illustrate for children, and encourage them to do the same. I develop and manage global programs for fortune 100 companies and non-profits.  I design Board of Directors; helping people on the board understand the role they play, positions they do, tasks to complete and how to better manage the large programs into a framework that works for the organization.  I actively work in positions to discover more about the position and in-turn, so that I can give back. I'm an advocate for education, simple living, and doing the right thing.  A proponent for  lifestyle changes in all genres.

This is a valuable journey, seeing the acceptance, willingness, growth and behavior changes in not only others; but, me as well. I appreciate the talents that were given to me and use them to my fullest ability.

This story is just a small part of what I do, a humble way of me giving back. I am honored that you are reading my post and would be gracious to learn more of your bounteous journey

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