Friday, September 23, 2011

Meeting an old high school friend...

"You can connect with people and lead them only if you value them."~Unknown Author
I met a person at a golf event the other day; his name sounded familiar.  When he introduced himself, a small recollection came to mind when he said his name.  I thought, this could be the same person who I graduated from high school.  I quickly shrugged that thought, thinking it probably was a work acquaintance or just a coincidence.  We continued talking and sharing about ourselves and then went out to play golf in different groups.  As I was waiting, I noticed there were people practicing putting on the green, so I walked over and introduced myself to a few people standing waiting for their turn.  The first person I introduced myself to after he heard my name asked if I saw the other person whom signaled me from my past high school years.  He stated that he was really excited to see me since he hasn't seen me since high school.  Now granted, this has been around 30 years ago since I've seen him and I felt so silly that I didn't realize it was him, that I went off to look for him and said, "I am sorry I didn't realize that you were the same person from high school, you look so different."  His response was, "I figured you would figure it out eventually."

I thought it strange that he didn't restate the introduction associating it to knowing him from high school, because I meet so many people every day it sometimes is hard to make the connection.  It seemed many people on the course that day, knew me or of me from this person's conversations and excitement about reacquainting with me after all these years.  It amazed me the different connections and recollections we have about a person.

It's not that I didn't remember him, once I realized that it was the person from high school, old film clips were rolling in my mind of fond memories and how nice and sweet a person he was, we all change and have a lot of new things that we experience, especially 30 years later.

I don't feel bad, that this incident happened.  I do wish that I could have talked more with him about the connections related to high school and so on, but there was no more conversation to be had.  I looked for him after the late lunch after golf and he was gone.

One thing I learned is that each person remembers and connects with people in their own way.  Some people remember very specifically about a person and others may have stories tucked away only to associate them with a reminder or those past experiences.

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