Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Persistent Kitty!

My daughter came home to visit us this weekend, and we went on a walk with Luna out in the country.  About half-way out, we past a farmers home and 4 kitties, 3 black and 1 gray ran out toward us.  It was kind of cute, the gray one was shy and stayed back, and there were two more cautious ones and then a courageous one who ran right up to us.  It was no bigger than my hand all furry.  It ran up to Luna, Luna didn't know what to do.  I was afraid she might eat it because she runs after our field mice in the yard and eats them.  I picked the kitty up, first mistake.  Well, we wanted to head back, but that kitty kept with us like he / she found a new friend.  I carried her back, and told my daughter to go ahead so I could get the kitty back home.  My daughter walked a few steps, then stopped and watched.  She kept saying, "Ohhh, it's so cute!"  I told her to keep walking away so that the kitty didn't see them.  After she was down the road a bit, I started to jog away from the kitty.  (Which, according to my PT, I am not supposed to run yet)  Well, that persistent kitty kept right with me all the way down the road.  So, I waved my daughter to keep going away from the kitty, and I turned around and walked the kitty back.  By then my daughter was way up the hill and the other 3 kitties were already positioned against the warm house.  The persistent kitty was positioned in the driveway and I started almost running (with a limp of course) away from it.  I looked back after a good two blocks down and saw the kitty in the far distance starting to come after me, so I continued up the hill so that it wouldn't see me once I was over it.  We got across the street and saw the farmer’s truck coming over the hill; he picked up the kitty that was running after us.  Phew!  It was safe!!! And that was our adventure story for today!

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