Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Responsible thing To Do!

As I was walking my dog; I noticed another walker coming toward me on the path; so, I told her to sit.  She graciously followed my command.  The lady strolled by smiling and stated, "You know, I'm not afraid of dogs."  I said, "Thank you for that, but I want to teach my dog to be good around people."  She smiled at me, said, "Have a beautiful day."  and strolled away.

I told my dog that it was okay to walk again, as I thought, why is it that people are so surprised when I take responsibility for my dogs actions?  It is the responsible thing to do.  I sure don't want dogs running up to me and sniffing in very uncomfortable places, jumping up on me and trying to lick my face or worse, bite me.

Isn't it the responsible thing to do to discipline our dogs, children and more importantly self?

This is the responsible thing to do!

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