Monday, December 31, 2012

Fitness Goals...

Fitness Goals. 2012 Was a year of transition for me! As I look back at my stats, I didn't really "try" for PR's. My try was to just get out there and "do something." As many of you with or who have had injuries know, bouncing back from a major injury is not as easy as one would think. Some people, like Adrian Peterson (Vikings), who had ACL surgery like mine, must have "some" support team (& $) and mental drive to get back. To make all of those records in a new year. But, for me, it was about getting out there! Just getting started was an achievement for me.

Totals for the year: 247.43 Miles Running, 832.43 Miles Biking, 558.41 Miles Walking. 2013 is going to be a new year.

My fitness goals for the year:

  • Total 1200 Miles running * Ramping up mileage, 118 miles for Jan/Feb
  • Total 1000 Miles Biking * 22 miles as cool down inside
  • Try out Boot Camp!!! * Tried boot camp, decided to do hot yoga, 40 days so far this year.
  • 1st 13.1 (half) in May since ACL surgery * Signed up for Green Bay Half
  • 1 13.1 (half) in October (fall) * Signed up for Lakefront in June instead
  • 1 organized run each month * Ran New Years Day run, did not run in Feb.
  • The Walt Disney "Goofy" weekend, which includes the back-to-back marathons, 13.1 and 26.2 (run in 2014)

Health Tip: Proper technique for strength training...

If you have never done strength training, consider hiring a personal trainer for a few sessions to teach you the proper technique to prevent injury and maximize your results.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

My New Book: Women and the Glass Ceiling

Women and the Glass Ceiling 

As I close out one project, I open a new chapter, writing a book about my career and my life. (It all goes together).

The real story!

I outline my chapters and I reflect on the details of each story that I will write.

It's scary to put it all out there, but I think that the experiences will give the reader perspective and will provide lessons. Even some lessons I have yet to uncover.

An excerpt from the book...I have specific beliefs, experiences with certain genders, and types of people, "I believe these people cause my career to spin out of control.  As I try to bring my life and my career back into control, I find it isn't easy.  I learn it's a choice; my choice.  The choice I've been making all along."

You will learn about the evolution of self.

This is it, and it is perfect.  My life, my career, my story and my truth!  That is what you will hear when you read this new book, "Women and the Glass Ceiling."

Health Tip: Strength training...

Strength training is important: it builds strong muscles, increases bone density and reduces your risk of injury.  

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Health Tip: Choices...

"We are not the product of our circumstances; rather we are the product of our choices."~Wayne Pickering

Friday, December 28, 2012

Health Tip: Exercise at least 3 hours per week...

Medical Sciences found that people who do aerobic exercise at least 3 hours per week have a better memory, are better at switching between mental tasks, and can screen out distractions better than those who don't exercise.~A study in the Journal of Gerontology

Thursday, December 27, 2012

What is your wish list for this year? My SMART Goals for 2013

My Wish List and Goals for the 2013 New Year! :)

I am writing my wish list with hefty goals. I am also giving myself advice for the coming year.  

And now that I have this posted, I will keep you updated periodically on my progress and will blog about my experiences and thoughts around each of these goals and will share as my wish comes true!

Here goes...

My Wish List:
To be recognized for my hard work and talent.
To be healthy, wealthy and happy.
To be positive and listen without judgment.
To never give up and keep forging forward.
To be surrounded with family and friends who I love!

Purpose - I want to change people's perspective, even if it's impacting one person.  Integrity, equality and character.  

My Goals:
I am a Successful Well-sought After Professional and am connected with people, inspiring to achieve our dreams. (personal & professional)
1.     I will have a high paid secure job that is satisfying and fulfilling and is full-time using my expertise and skills. Status!! l have a consulting job.  And am partnering with DragonFly Inc.
2.     I will have new 1 book on leadership published and a 2nd book underway about women and/or bullying.  1 book is published and available to the mass market in 2013. Status!! leadership book published in summer 2013.  
3.     I am a guest on highly televised TV and/or Radio, talking about these concepts. *Nothing yet.
4.     I have a signed agreement with several major corporations. Status...  State Government.

I am a driving force behind positive change through the power of the Arts and Sciences, bringing people's spirit back and inspiring people to want be accountable.  (personal & professional)
1.     I will have proposal written and funding approved for pilot program, currently named Science, Math, Art, Research and Technology (SMART) Engineering! Status!! Presented at Think Tank in July!  SMART Kids TV concept developed in presentation format. Kickstarter campaign will began in October.  Here's the website:
2.     I will have Nate the Dragon screen play written and sponsorship or grants to support the musical to be performed in at least 5 states. Status!! Neil Haven completed writing the script for the musical.  WE HAVE A COMPOSER!!!!! YAY!
4.     My documentary, Advice from Extraordinary Women, will be accepted in the Wisconsin Film Festival, and we will have a sold out show! Status!! Incorporating into workshops.
5.     I will receive sponsorship or grants for a new sequel of Advice from Extraordinary Women. (Focus: To promote group dialogue and awareness, prompt conversations and bring to the forefront). Status!! ?
6.    I am the On-boarding Strategist for an International group (both MESA International and SWE International). Status!! Yes.
7. I will have taken action on the plans to expand my business.  Status!! Workshops and Coaching.

Focusing on preparing for transition and retirement.

  • To figure out spring/summer/fall months. (sig other will own, I will develop financial plan)
  • To figure out where we will spend out winter months, small place in the South America or south in North America,   (Travel to these places to decide) - through 2014
  • To decide on what to do with our current home... sell or put our home into homeaway for vacationers.
  • Buy a new car (Jan 2014) - done

I am focusing on my well-being. (personal)
1.     I will travel (on vacation and for entrepreneurial events). Status!! 
Traveled to:
  • South Africa
  • Nashville Tennessee
  • Baltimore Maryland
  • Washington DC
  • Ashland, WI (Cooper Falls, breathtaking)
  • New York City (speak at schools)
2.     I will execute a new workout plan. Status!! On track.
3.     I will have a new way to manage my diet, daily eating plan, I will reach out to a nutritionist expert to help me redesign my eating. Status!! Vegan or Plant-based diet. (blogging about it, day 73, 6 months in)
4.     I will have a signed agreement with MESA International to work as a virtual strategist.
5.     I will successfully complete my first half marathon since my surgery in 2011. Status!! Ran 12 already this year.  Recorded on Blog!!! 

I am a student of life and continue to learn about myself and others, stay connected with family and friends, and have a number of mentors and coaches who support me in my personal and professional life. (education)
1.     This year, I will have made a decision on whether to pursue a doctorate program and take action according to my choice. Status!! Looking into Doctorate in Business at UW Whitewater.  Not sure yet!
2.     I will continue to volunteer for the university (as a mentor and advisor), SWE (as a coach and board member) and MESA International (board of directors). Status!! 

  • SWE Wisconsin Section Representative
  • Region E Leadership Coach
  • Region X Onboarding Strategist
  • Developing and leading several new programs:
  • Read a book in an hour (Lead 2 sessions)
  • T-Shirts designed for participating in run/walk events
  • Connecting Schools with professionals
  • Connection SWE-Wi with corporations
  • Developing SWE within corporations
  • Everyone makes mistakes, it’s how you respond to those mistakes that matters. 
  • Follow your heart and you will always see the nice side of others first. 
  • Forgive yourself for the mistakes you made in the past and remember to forgive others, no matter how small or big of a mistake that was made. 
  • Always explore new options that are presented to you and open your heart to advice for growth. 
  • Always be yourself, and don't allow others to alter who you are for what you represent.

Now it's time to check out to see how things evolve.  Stay Tuned and watch this year unfold!

The meaning... The Twelve Days of Christmas

My daughter and I were singing "The Twelve Days of Christmas"  on our walk the other day, and we stumbled upon some of the lyrics.  I decided to do a little research to remind myself of each day and learn more about the meaning behind the song.  (The seasons celebration does not end at Christmas...)

"The Twelve Days of Christmas" song has its origins in spiritual symbolism-and with a serious purpose. The song's gifts are hidden meanings to the teachings of faith and belief. 

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...

12 Drummers Drumming
11 Pipers Piping
10 Lords-a-Leaping
9 Ladies Dancing
8 Maids-a-Milking
7 Swans-a-Swimming
6 Geese-a-Laying
5 Gold Rings
4 Calling (Colly) Birds
3 French Hens
2 Turtle Doves
And a Partridge in a Pear Tree.

The song's gifts are hidden meanings to the teachings of faith and belief.  The "true love" mentioned in the song doesn't refer to an earthly suitor, it refers to God. The "me" who receives the presents refers to everyone who believes.

"On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me; a partridge in a pear tree."
The partridge in a pear tree is Jesus Christ, the Son of God, whose birthday we celebrate on December 25. In the song, Christ is symbolically presented as a mother partridge - the protector to decoy predators from her helpless nestlings; representing love and protection of the believer.

"On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me; two turtle doves."
The two turtledoves present a picture of devotion and covenant in loving kindness. It is a sublime vision of earthly love and friendship. Two is the number of witness. One person is bringing a witness on behalf of his companion.

"On the third day of Christmas my true love gave to me; three French hens."
The three French hens represent gifts of spirit in the form of the theological virtues: faith, hope and love. Faith - steadfastness in belief. Hope - expectation of and desire of receiving; refraining from despair and the capability of not giving up. Love - means an unlimited loving-kindness toward all others; charity. "And now act in accordance to faith, hope, and love; even these three: but the greatest of these is love." Love is the greatest transforming power of all life. The next time you have a choice between a loving or non-loving thought or action-choose the loving one.

"On the fourth day of Christmas my true love gave to me; four Calling birds."
This represents spreading the word, the Four Evangelists.  The four calling birds represent the four gospels which are messages of the resulting promise and hope of salvation for the faithful.

The Four Gospels:
  • Gospel according to Matthew. This message is written to encourage others undergoing difficult trials; to always persevere in faith despite difficulties.
  • Gospel according to Mark. This message is designed to teach a community with internal divisions and external enemies. Jesus teaches, "I am with you always, false prophets will arise; many will fall away."
  • Gospel according to Luke. This message challenges believers to put their faith into practice more fully, how you use wealth and possessions for good, to follow Jesus; share with poor; accept everyone, esp. outcasts, women, enemies.
  • Gospel according to John. This message proclaims the Good News of God's reconciliation of the world. Go and share the good news with the world, believe, know, remain faithful in God's loving truth, despite hostility; love one another; be in unity; serve humbly.
"On the fifth day of Christmas my true love gave to me; five golden rings."
The five golden rings are called the Books of Law as they give the history of humanity and God's response of grace in the creation of a people to be a light to the world. The first five books of the Bible are known as the Books of Law because they contain the laws and instruction given by God to the people; the recipients of the covenants of promise; the promise to bless the nations.
  • GENESIS (The Book of Beginnings) Beginnings: Genesis not only means 'beginning', but it is the book of beginnings. The book of Genesis gives us our historical point of reference, from which all subsequent revelation proceeds. In the book of Genesis all the major themes of the Bible have their origin. It is a book of many beginnings: in it we see the beginning of the universe, of man and woman, of human sin and the fall of the race, the beginning of God's promises of salvation. It is the account of God's activity in history. 
  • EXODUS (The Book of Redemption) Redemption and deliverance are the prevailing themes in Exodus. This book continues the history of God's people, describes their deliverance and their development as a nation, a theocracy under God. It describes the call to lead the people out of their bondage and into the promised land. Once the people had arrived in the wilderness or desert, God gave them His righteous law and declared that they were a treasured possession to Him. This holy law, including the Ten Commandments, demonstrated God's holiness, taught them how to love God and one another, but in the process, it also demonstrated how all fall short of the holiness of God and need a way of access to God that provides forgiveness. LEVITICTICUS (The Book of Holiness) Leviticus says, "Be holy, because I am holy." The directives given in this book was to walk before God as a holy people. It was designed to teach people how to worship and walk with God and (2) how the nation was to fulfill its calling as a nation of holy men. The great theme of this book is holiness. 
  • NUMBERS (Wilderness Wanderings) Though Numbers gets its name from the numbering of the people, it is primarily concerned with nearly 40 years of wandering in the desert. A journey which should have only lasted eleven days became a 38-year agony of defeat simply because of the disbelief and disobedience of the people. Numbers, then, shows the consequence of failing to mix faith with the promises of God. Further, Numbers teaches us that while life does have its wilderness experiences, God's people do not have to stay in those conditions. Another important theme shown throughout the book of Numbers is found in God's continual care for his people. Over and over again, regardless of their rebellion and unbelief, He miraculously supplied their needs. He provided them with water, manna, and quail. He continued to love and forgive the people even when they complained, grumbled, and rebelled against Him. 
  • DEUTERONOMY (Reiteration and Reviewing) Watch yourself lest you forget. After forty years of wandering in the wilderness, the people were on the eve of entering the promised land. Before they did, it was necessary (lest they forget what God had done and who they were) that they be reminded about all that God had done for them and about God's holy law which was so vital to their ability to remain in the land and function as God's holy nation. As a part of this theme or purpose, the book also emphasizes the vital necessity of teaching children to love and obey God. This book ends with the renewal of God's covenant. Give heed to yourself and keep your soul diligently, lest you forget the things which your eyes have seen, and lest they depart from your heart all the days of your life; but make them known to your sons and your grandsons. So watch yourselves, lest you forget the promise of God, which He made with you. Your God is a compassionate God; He will not fail you nor destroy you nor forget the promise with your fathers which He swore to them. 
The five books of laws tell us so much as a way to be and live in life. Love God. Love one another. Learn Forgiveness. Believe regardless of what "your wilderness" looks like. Never forget God's loving promise to lead you to your "promised land."

"On the sixth day of Christmas my true love gave to me; Six Geese A-laying." 
The six geese a laying represent the six days of creation that confesses God as Creator and Sustainer of the world. Creation is performed by divine incantation: on the first day God says, "Let there be light!" and light appears. On the second day God creates an expanse (firmament) to separate the waters above (the sky) from those below (the ocean/abyss). On the third day God commands the waters below to recede and make dry land appear, and fills the earth with vegetation. God then puts lights in the sky to separate day from night to mark the seasons. On the fifth day, God creates sea creatures and birds of every kind and commands them to procreate. On the sixth day, God creates land creatures of every kind. Man and woman are created last, after the entire world is prepared for them; they are created in the image of God, and are given dominion and care over all other created things. God rests on the seventh and final day of creation as Sabbath, which he marks as holy.

"On the seventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me; seven swans-a-swimming." 
The seven gifts of the Holy Spirit:
  • Holy Spirit: Wisdom: With the gift of wisdom, we see God at work in our lives and in the world. For the wise person, the wonders of nature, historical events, and the ups and downs of our lives take on deeper meaning. The matters of judgment about the truth, and being able to see the whole image of God. We see God and other people with dignity. Lastly being able to see God in everyone and everything everywhere. Understanding: With the gift of understanding, we comprehend how we need to live as a follower of God's love and truth. A person with understanding is not confused by all the conflicting messages in our culture about the right way to live. The gift of understanding perfects a person's speculative reason in the apprehension of truth. It is the gift whereby self-evident principles are known. 
  • Counsel (Right Judgment): With the gift of counsel/right judgment, we know the difference between right and wrong, and we choose to do what is right. A person with right judgment avoids sin and lives out the values. The gift of truth that allows the person to respond prudently, and happily in their belief. 
  • Fortitude (Courage): With the gift of fortitude/courage, we overcome our fear and are willing to take risks as a follower of God's truth. A person with courage is willing to stand up for what is right in the sight of God, even if it means accepting rejection, verbal abuse, or even physical harm and death. The gift of courage allows people the firmness of mind that is required both in doing good and in enduring evil, especially with regard to goods or evils that are difficult. 
  • Knowledge: With the gift of knowledge, we understand the meaning of God. The gift of knowledge is more than an accumulation of facts. Piety (Reverence): With the gift of reverence, sometimes called piety, we have a deep sense of respect for God. A person with reverence recognizes our total reliance on God and comes before God with humility, trust, and love. Piety is the gift whereby we pay worship and duty to God.
  • Fear of the Lord (Wonder and Awe): With the gift of fear of God we are aware of the glory and majesty of God. A person with wonder and awe knows that God is the perfection of all we desire: perfect knowledge, perfect goodness, perfect power, and perfect love. This gift is described as a fear of separating oneself from God. He describes the gift as a "filial fear," like a child's fear of offending his father, rather than a "servile fear," that is, a fear of punishment. Also known as knowing God is all powerful. Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom because it puts our mindset in its correct location with respect to God: we are the finite, dependent creatures, and He is the infinite, all-powerful Creator. 
"On the eighth day of Christmas my true love gave to me; eight maids a-milking."
The eight maids a-milking represent the eight beatitudes (be attitudes-each tells us something about how are attitude should be).
  • "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven." These are people who are humble and who do not think of themselves more highly than they ought.
  • "Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted." Many things happen to us in life that bring us grief, but God will comfort us when we turn to His love and truth. 
  •  "Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth." Meekness is also about humility. This is the person that knows that whatever he accomplishes is not by his own power, but by the power which God gives him.
  • "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled." A hungry baby will cry for milk. We also should be hungry to learn what God wants us to do, that is where we get our spiritual "food".
  • "Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy". The person who is merciful is kind and forgiving. This person is not hateful toward others, but looks for the good qualities in people. "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God". We can be pure in heart if we fill our minds with good thoughts. We need to be careful of the things we watch, read, and hear. 
  • "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the sons of God". Do you encourage people to get along and to be friends? If so, you are a peacemaker. Where peace is concerned, you can be part of the problem, or part of the solution. Be a peacemaker. 
  • "Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness' sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven." 
We must stand up for what is right even if it means making someone angry or upset with us. Humility, belief, trust, hunger for spiritual truth, forgiveness, pure of heart, peacemaker, and a steadfastness of faith...lessons in attitude.

"On the ninth day of Christmas my true love gave to me; Nine Ladies Dancing." 
The Nine Ladies Dancing represent the fruits of the spirit.

This is speaking about the operations of the Spirit of God in the material world we live in, and within us. The Spirit is there to cause things to happen in people's lives that bring them more in tune with God's purposes on earth (and beyond). When the Spirit starts changing someone, it shows as a growth in character, a change in their way of life that is good for the people they live among. This change in character is called a "fruit of the Spirit;" like the fruit grown by a tree can feed people and wildlife. From ancient times to today, abundant fruit from an orchard is seen as cause for hope and celebration. Abundant spiritual fruit also breeds hope and is well worth celebrating. The Fruit of the Spirit is a term that sums up the nine visible attributes of a spiritual life. These are not necessarily individual "fruits" (attributes) rather, the fruit of the Spirit is one ninefold "fruit" that characterizes all who truly walk a spiritual path. Collectively, these are the fruits that all spiritual beings should be producing as a manifestation of a transformed life.

  1. Love. This love, has also been called agape which refers to unconditional love. Agape denotes an undefeatable benevolence and unconquerable goodwill that always seeks the highest of the other, no matter what. It is the self-giving love that gives freely without asking anything in return, and does not consider the worth of its object. Agape is more of a love by choice. It refers to the will rather than the emotion. This love is described as the unconditional love God has for the world. "Love endures long and is patient and kind; love never is envious nor boils over with jealousy, is not boastful or vainglorious, does not display itself haughtily. It is not conceited (arrogant and inflated with pride); it is not rude (unmannerly) and does not act unbecomingly. Love (God's love in us) does not insist on its own rights or its own way, for it is not self-seeking; it is not touchy or fretful or resentful; it takes no account of the evil done to it, it pays no attention to a suffered wrong. It does not rejoice at injustice and unrighteousness, but rejoices when right and truth prevail. Love bears up under anything and everything that comes, is ever ready to believe the best of every person, its hopes are fadeless under all circumstances, and it endures everything without weakening. Love never fades out or becomes obsolete or comes to an end. Love never fails." 
  2. Joy. Another word for joy is chara, derived from the word charis, which is the Greek word for "grace." This is important to note, for it tells us categorically that chara is produced by charis of God. This means "joy" is not a human-based happiness that comes and goes...Rather, true "joy" is divine in is a Spirit-given expression that flourishes best in hard times. Early accounts of spiritual followers were under great stress due to persecution; yet in the midst of it all, they continued to experience great joy. In fact, it implies this great joy or grace was spirit working through them. 
  3. Peace. Peace is the result of resting in a relationship with God. Peace is a tranquility; a state of rest, that comes from seeking God, or the opposite of chaos. The word "peace" comes from the word eirene, which expresses the idea of wholeness, completeness or tranquility in the soul that is unaffected by the outward circumstances or pressures. The word eirene strongly suggests the rule of order in place of chaos. "When a person is dominated by peace he has a calm, inner stability that results in the ability to conduct himself peacefully, no matter what the conflict. 
  4. Patience. The word denotes lenience, forbearance, fortitude, patient endurance, long-suffering. It is ability to endure persecution and ill-treatment. It describes a person who has the power to not exercise revenge but instead exercises restraint. Constancy, perseverance, continuance, bearing up, steadfastness, holding out, patient endurance. It describes the capacity to continue to bear up under difficult circumstances, not with a passive complacency, but with a hopeful fortitude that actively resists weariness and defeat. "For you have need of endurance, so that after you have done the will of God, you may receive the promise." 
  5. Kindness. Kindness is acting for the good of people regardless of what they do. Kindness is goodness in action, sweetness of disposition, gentleness in dealing with others, benevolence, kindness, affability. The word describes the ability to act for the welfare of those taxing your patience. This Gift of Spirit removes abrasive qualities from the character. The word kindness is to be friendly to others. Anyone who demonstrates this quality is considered to be compassionate, considerate, sympathetic, humane, kind or gentle. Kindness is doing something and not expecting anything in return. Kindness is respect and helping others without waiting for someone to help one back. It implies kindness no matter what. We should live "in purity, understanding, patience and kindness; in the Holy Spirit and in sincere love; in truthful speech and in the power of God." 
  6. Goodness. The state or quality of being good. Moral excellence, virtue, kindly feeling, kindness, generosity. The best part of anything, essence of strength and character recognized in quality or conduct; goodness. "For the fruit of the Spirit is in all goodness and righteousness and truth." 
  7. Faithfulness. Faithfulness is committing oneself to something or someone, for instance, to God or to one's spouse. Being faithful requires personal resolve not to wander away from commitments or promises. It's not always easy to be faithful. It takes trust in God. 
  8. Gentleness. Gentleness is a disposition that is even-tempered, tranquil, balanced in spirit, unpretentious and that has the passions under control. The word is best translated "meekness," not as an indication of weakness, but of power and strength under control. The person who possesses this quality pardons injuries, corrects faults, and rules his own spirit well. "Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love." 
  9. Self Control. Self control means having command or mastery over, or possession of, one's own behavior. "Make every effort to add to your faith, goodness; and to goodness, knowledge; and to knowledge, self-control; and to self-control, perseverance; and to perseverance, godliness; and to godliness, mutual affection; and to mutual affection, love There is so much here in The Nine Fruits of the Spirit; gifts that we are given to create an amazing life over flowing, abundant, fulfilling; full of love and life. 
"But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law."

"On the tenth day of Christmas my true love gave to me; Ten Lords a-Leaping." 
The Ten Lords a-Leaping represent the ten commandments--the ten magnificent laws of life.
  • The First Commandment is about Loyalty. You shall have no other gods before Me. The Creator of the universe declares He is our God and our deliverer and asks us to demonstrate our love for Him by having no other Gods. The First Commandment is the first of a series of four that define our relationship with our Heavenly Father. Establishing, developing and maintaining that personal relationship with the true and living God is the most important commitment we can ever make. That is the primary focus of the first of the Ten Commandments; You shall have no other gods before Me. We should love, honour and respect Him so much that He alone is the supreme authority and model in our lives. He alone is God. We should allow nothing to prevent us from knowing His love and truth.
  • The Second Commandments is about Worship. You shall not make for yourself a carved image--any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth. The Second Commandment goes to the heart of our relationship with our Creator. It deals with several crucial questions. How do we perceive God? How do we explain Him to ourselves and to others? Above all, what is the proper way to worship God? The Second Commandment is a constant reminder that only we, of all created things, are made in the image of God. Only we can be transformed into the spiritual image of Christ. This Commandment protects our special relationship with our Creator, who made us in His likeness and is still moulding us into His spiritual image.
  • The Third Commandment is about Reverence. You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain. God asks us to respect His Holy name and not to use it in vain. The Third Commandment focuses on showing respect. It addresses the way we communicate our feelings about God to others and to Him. It encompasses our attitudes, speech and behaviour. Respect is the cornerstone of good relationships. The quality of our relationship with God depends on our love and regard. It also depends on the way we express respect for Him in the presence of others. We are expected always to honour who and what He is.
  • The Fourth Commandment is about Sanctification and Relationship. Remember the Sabbath, to keep it holy. God starts off the fourth Commandment with the word "Remember". This is because He knew we would forget it. God asks that we keep it set apart for Holy purposes so we can draw nearer to Him. The Fourth Commandment to remember the Sabbath concludes the section of the Ten Commandments that specifically helps define a proper relationship with God, how we are to love, worship and relate to Him. It explains why and when we need to take special time to draw closer to our Creator. The Sabbath, the seventh day of the week was set apart by God as a time of rest and spiritual rejuvenation.
  • The Fifth Commandment is about Respect for Parental authority. Honor your father and your mother. God instructs us to show love for our parents by honouring them. The Fifth Commandment introduces us to a series of Commandments that define proper relationships with other people. The fifth through to the tenth serve as the standards of conduct in areas of human behaviour that generate the most far reaching consequences on individuals, families, groups and society. Families are the building blocks of societies that build strong nations. Any individual or group, including whole nations that understand the importance of strong families reap the rewards of an improved relationship and blessings from God.
  • The Sixth Commandment is about Respect for Human life. You shall not murder. God asks us to demonstrate love and not hate towards others by not murdering. We must learn to control our tempers. The Sixth Commandment reminds us that God is the giver of life and He alone has the authority to take it or to grant permission to take it. God wants us to go far beyond avoiding murder. He requires that we not maliciously harm another human being in word or deed. God desires that we treat even those who choose to hate us respectfully and do all within our power to live in peace and harmony with them. He wants us to be builders, not destroyers of good relationships. To accomplish this we must respect this wonderful gift of this precious possession, human life.
  • The Seventh Commandment is about Purity in Relationships. You shall not committ adultery. God asks us to express and demonstrate our love for our partner by not committing adultery. Most of us need the support and companionship of a loving spouse. We need someone special who can share our ups and downs, triumphs and failures. No one can fill this role like a mate who shares with us a deep love and commitment. Society suffers because we have lost the vision that God had for marriage from the beginning. Marriage is not a requirement for success in pleasing God, but it is a tremendous blessing to couples who treat each other as God intended. Most people desire and need the benefits that come from a stable marriage. To return to what God intended, we must give marriage the respect it deserves.
  • The Eighth Commandment is about Honesty. You shall not steal. God instructs us to show our love and respect for others by not stealing what belongs to them. The Eighth Commandment safeguards everyone's right to legitimately acquire and own property. God wants that right honoured and protected. His approach to material wealth is balanced. He wants us to prosper and enjoy physical blessings. He also expects us to show wisdom in how we use what He provides us and He does not want possessions to be our primary pursuit in life. When we see material blessings as a means to achieve more important objectives, God enjoys seeing us prosper. To Him it is important that generosity rather than greed motivate the choices we make. Because they are qualities of His own character, He asks that we, from the heart, put giving and serving ahead of lavishing possessions on ourselves.
  • The Ninth Commandment is about Truthfulness. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor. God says if we love others we should not deceive or lie to them. God expects truth to permeate every facet of our lives. Everything in the life of a spiritual being is anchored to truth. God wants us to commit ourselves to truth and reflect it in everything we do.
  • The Tenth Commandment is about Contentment. You shall not covet your neighbor's house; you shall not covet your neighbor's wife, nor his male servant, nor his female servant, nor his ox, nor his donkey, nor anything that is your neighbor's. God instructs us not to covet because it can entrap us into great unhappiness. To covet means to crave or desire, especially in excessive or improper ways. The Tenth Commandment does not tell us that all of our desires are immoral. It tells us that some desires are wrong. Coveting is an immoral longing for something that is not rightfully ours. The focus of the Tenth Commandment is that we are not to illicitly desire anything that already belongs to others. The opposite of coveting is a positive desire to help others preserve and protect their blessings from God. We should rejoice when other people are blessed. Our desire should be to contribute to the well being of others, to make our presence in their lives a blessing to them. The last of the Ten Commandments is aimed directly at the heart and mind of every human being. In prohibiting coveting, it defines not so much what we must do, but how we should think. It asks us to look deep within ourselves to see what we are on the inside.
A reflective reading of these teachings reveal that the first four commandments given are contained in the statement: "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind." It continues that the last six commandments are enclosed in the statement: "Love your neighbor as yourself."

"On the eleventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me; Eleven Pipers Piping." 
The Eleven Pipers Piping represent the eleven faithful apostles.

The Eleven Pipers piping stand for the Eleven Faithful Apostles (remember one was not so faithful) who stuck with Jesus when seemingly all others had abandoned Him. They were referred to as "pipers" for they indeed were sent out to all corners to spread the Gospel of love and truth. These messengers were not the finely dressed, righteous acting scribes and pharisees. They were not among the rich rulers and popular public speakers of his day. These men were living and working in the humbler walks of life; five  of which were fishermen. None of the original twelve received higher education. God often uses the most humble and meek to carry out his grand purposes. These men of humble means were chosen to live the most magnificent of all God's creation; a life filled with love, joy, grace and awe.

"On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me; Twelve Drummers Drumming."
The Twelve Drummers Drumming represents the Apostles' Creed which are declarations of belief. The creed reads as follows:

  • I believe in God the Father Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth. And in Jesus Christ his only Son our Lord; who was conceived by the Holy Ghost, born of the Virgin Mary, suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, dead, and buried; the third day he rose again from the dead; he ascended into heaven, and sits at the right hand of God the Father Almighty; from thence he shall come to judge the quick and the dead. 
  • I believe in the Holy Ghost; the holy Church; the communion of saints; the forgiveness of sins; the resurrection of the body; and the life everlasting. AMEN. 
There is magic is in believing. Why is belief so important? What does it really mean to believe? Passion fuels our desires. Our desires fuel our drives and create fulfillment.

It is belief that drives our passions. It is up to us to take the time to unearth, to dig deep and discover what our beliefs really are. With real belief we can utilize incredible laws and principles that can help bring these unearthed dreams and treasures to life. And then, declare your beliefs. Speak your beliefs. Focus on those things that you know are right and true.

Closing Thoughts

My understanding of these gifts are as follows...
  • Know that you are truly loved and protected by God. Expect and receive all the wonderful gifts that await you.
  • Life can be a sublime vision of earthly love and friendship. Today, take a moment to remember how truly loved you are by your family and friends and the love you share in return. Take some time today to committ to loving kindness whenever possible. "And now act in accordance to faith, hope, and love; even these three: but the greatest of these is love."
  • Love is the greatest transforming power of all life. The next time you have a choice between a loving or non-loving thought or action, choose the loving one. There is a message of promise and hope of salvation for the faithful. Simply allow yourself to see the goodness. Allow your self to focus on the good news; turn away from those things that are not right and good and true. Be more accepting of others, take time to help someone. Offer a helping hand or word of encouragement. See those around you that you may humble serve. Believe, love, serve.
  • Love God. Love one another. Learn Forgiveness. Believe regardless of what "your wilderness" looks like. Never forget God's loving promise to lead you to your "promised land."
  • Today, take a moment to really see all the good that surrounds you and to receive all the wonderful gifts that await you.
  • We are created in the image of God, and are given care over all things. Accept responsibility. Take some time to see how you can make a difference. We live in a wonderful, creative, divine world. Receive all the wonderful gifts that await you. Accept and use these gifts for the good of all.
  • With wisdom; see God in everything and everyone. Seek to understand, respond with right judgment, have the courage to live in the love and light of God's truth, accept the gift of knowledge, and have respect for His truth. Always be aware of the wonder and awe that appears before you.
  • Humility, belief, trust, hunger for spiritual truth, forgiveness, pure of heart, peacemaker, and a steadfastness of faith...lessons in attitude. We are given the gifts to create an amazing life over flowing, abundant, fulfilling.; full of love and life.

"But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law." The magnificent laws of life tell us to love God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and to love your neighbor as yourself.

(Ref: Kandee G)

Health Tip: Aerobic Activity...

Regular aerobic activity such as running, brisk walking, tennis, and cycling will speed up blood flow and cause you to take deeper breaths which will bring more oxygen to your heart, lungs, brain and muscles. 
Oxygen will pick you up and make you feel more energized.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Bring new fuel for our fire...

I like this... I think sometimes we make these grandiose resolutions that we start on fire with at the beginning of each year. Problem is we built a blaze on January 1 and failed to continue to feed the fire. Maybe we can instead of yearly resolutions these become daily resolutions or intentions. Then each day we bring new fuel for our fire. Kindle the fire and dont let it burn out, spread your kindness little by little each day and wake up each morning with a small but new way of inspiring yourself and others to be kind as a way of life.

Two-sided coin and The ring...

There are always two sides.  Two sides to good versus evil and each person's experience in a situation and their story.

Consider the two-sided coin.  I was volunteering at Christmas neighbors last week.  Christmas neighbors is an organization that brings in donations from the community and allows those who are less fortunate to "shop around" and pick up toys, hats, gloves and food for their families for the holidays.

Someone brought up a topic about a friend in major legal trouble.  And as I was listening, I found it very heartwarming to hear one person say, "I have no opinion, there is always two sides to the story."  

This conversation made me think.  

'What if, we gave each other a chance, to open up and hear what was really going on in their world?'

and then in turn, 

'Listen... really listen to what you have to say from your experience.'

The gift of listening and perspective.  Later in the week, I attended a family gathering.  And found out that one of my family members was going through a horrific incident and there was no support from the organization that might have caused the situation.  Keep an open mind without judgement, that's all we need to do.  Be there and listen.  

Consider the ring.  The Hobbit came out in theaters recently.  The ring brings evil, your inner voice has to overcome evil and stand strong in your will to be good.  It's your considerations and choice.  It's a battle between self.   Once you choose, it's harder to get out of the evil situation.  But, I believe, there is always time to mend.  Even if you make a mistake, you can change it.  You have to willingly ask for forgiveness and accept the results.  We hope that the person on the receiving end is willing to accept the apology as well.

Take care of you.  This year was a selfish and selfless journey for me.  I discovered that it's okay to take care of myself and do what matters to me, instead of listening to that little voice in my head saying it is wrong to be selfish.  I know now, that if I don't take care of me, then who will?  During this open-ended journey, my life has changed.  

I hope each of us remembers there are always two sides to a story (the coin <the story & the person perspective> & the ring <good vs. evil>) and that you must always accept you for you.  

There are many possibilities in life! You make a choice in life, to either open up to change and forgiveness or not.  Give forgiveness a chance, it might surprise you the world of possibilities that open up for you.  

Health Tip: high sugar, high fat foods...

To avoid the temptation of high sugar, high fat food; don't bring them into your house. Keep plenty of healthy, easy to fix options like fresh fruits and veggies washed and ready to eat.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Forgiveness is unlocking the door to set someone free and realizing you were the prisoner! - Max Lucado
Another beautiful day for a walk.

Today is especially nice because it's Christmas.  We started the day with a late breakfast. I had a beautiful table set for Christmas breakfast: We had panettone french toast with caramelized bananas, maple syrup and strong coffee.  The family happily ate all of these goodies up.  It was delicious!

Then we went out for a Christmas walk, Luna included.  *Luna's always the star and love chasing after oversized snow-ice chips.  She doesn't consider the small ones, she only tries to fit the biggest chips in her mouth and chases after them while sliding on the ice patches.  She's a funny dog.

Then it was time for family gift opening.  Santa was exceptionally gracious to me this year, knowing I've been struggling with getting out there to run after my ACL surgery over a year ago, he got me a nice set of reflective running gloves and a warm Adidas reflective sweatshirt.

** I'm really excited to get out there now, something to kick-start me.

I'm planning to do the New Years Day run at Quaker Steak and Lube in Madison to kick off the new year.  So I better get started.

Health Tip: Energy supplements...

If you want to maintain steady, optimum energy avoid energy drinks, herbal energizers and energy supplements.  They will stimulate you in the short-term, but lead to a big energy slump a while later.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland

What a beautiful day for a walk.  These pictures brought me to start humming the song, "Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland!"

My daughter and I took her dog, Luna, for a long walk.  The trees are snow covered.  What a beautiful sight.  I could see my breath cutting through crisp-cold air.  A day of sites, and here you have it, the pictures from our walk.

Walking across the bridge.
A sight to see, this looks like a postcard.

I thought this was a really cool natural design,
the ice created on the water.

The snow-layered trees were like walking through a tunnel.

I think this one looks better in person.
But, you get the idea.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas Eve!

Health Tip: Hydrate...

The human body is approximately 60% water.  It is important to stay well hydrated so your body can easily transport oxygen and nutrients to your muscles.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Little hearts make the biggest impact.

On my way home from my morning walk, I stopped to check the mailbox.

In it was a lonely envelope. I pull it out and notice hand written letters scribed in blue crayon by a child.

It reads:

As I walked toward my home, I juggled the contents.  It feels like loose change in the envelope.

Once home, I let the envelope sit on the counter for a bit before opening it.

I am contemplating the incident.  I think how special this little boy is for wanting to give a gift to his neighbor.  Not knowing the intention behind it, I think, ‘for a little person, he has a big heart.’

Before I open it, I tell my husband about the envelope.

He smiles. I tell him that we have to give him a little something for Christmas, just because it was so special.

Then, I delicately open the envelope seal; gradually opening the pocket and notice loose change, a buffalo nickel, and two pennies.

I think, 'This little boy probably took some money from his piggy bank.'

Still not knowing the reasons behind this, I only glow with love and thankfulness that a little 6 year-old boy would graciously take what little money he has and give it as a gift to a neighbor.

What a special Christmas gift!

I believe, each little person has big hearts.   This story resonates with the gift of giving.

And I will treasure this holiday story for a long time.

Sometimes, the little hearts (gestures) make the biggest impact.

Health Tip: Antioxidants...

"The amount of antioxidants you maintain in your body is directly proportional to how long you will live."  Richard Cutler, MD National Institutes of Health

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Health Tip: Mindful eating...

If you want to release weight, start to be more mindful of what you are eating.  Those little bites and handfuls of high calorie snacks and desserts really add up.

Business Sense: Don't be afraid, Just do it!

Many businesses I have been working with in the past few weeks need to work on marketing initiatives. 
As of late, not many have been doing marketing and because of this their numbers are declining.  They know this, but sometimes they don't know where to start.

We begin with questions. We listen carefully to what leaders most want to achieve.   When we talk about what they want to accomplish and then outline the services that I offer to make that happen, they sometimes become overwhelmed by all that needs to be done, especially since they haven't done much with this in the past.  It's new and new becomes daunting.  In marketing, many times more is best, but choosing a few to start is overwhelming.  And there isn't one key ingredient that will make you successful, this changes as the market changes.  If we all knew that key ingredient, we would all be retired.

We apply expertise and a proven methodology, define the challenge, identify options and develop the plan that delivers results.  I work with clients, and guide them through selecting the two or three 'best' of choice programs that meet their goals as a company.  This helps them narrow in on key things and allows them to hit the ground running right away.  I watch the results frequently and provide what is working and what isn't, and mention when to add on more and reduce things that aren't working as well.  My belief, It's always better to do something than nothing, because if things aren't working now, who's to say that what results won't be the same results over and over again, nothing changes.  And of course, isn't it always easier to just be a creature of habit and do that thing that feels better expecting results that are better.

This isn't a scary concept.   It is necessary!  Watching the campaigns, apply proven metrics and tactics will allow you to sleep at night knowing you are reaching for something new.  Remember some things work and some things don't.  Watching this with a careful eye will allow you to tweak your game as you go forward.  

Don't be afraid, Just do it!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Health Tip: Salad before main meal...

A study at Penn State University found people who ate a vegetable salad prior to their main meal ate 12% fewer calories than those who didn't eat a salad first.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Health Tip: REM Sleep...

According to Dr. Philip Tierno of New York University Medical Center, your body makes the most immune-strengthening repairs to our cells during the last and longest period of REM sleep, which begins after approximately 7 hours of sleep.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Neighbors...

I volunteered for Christmas Neighbors today.  Christmas Neighbors is an organization that donates toys, hats, mittens and scarfs, and used items.  We put all of the items out the day before opening. And then people 'in need' come through with shopping carts and shop for Christmas for their kids and their families.  It's crazy the people the come through, 500 people at last count.  I know that some people take advantage of the system.  But, for those people "really" in need, benefit tremendously.  I love to see the smiles on their faces when they come through the lines the next day.

This post is about the volunteers.  Hence why I posted this picture with this post.

Many of us are volunteering.  And as well all know, volunteers are coming in to help on their own time.  They aren't getting paid.

I noticed as people we doing the work for people, the leaders would expect people to do what they wanted them to do.  Not necessarily guiding them, but telling them what to do next.  Now, these people are adults.  Many have been around the block and back.  And I laughed, when I would watch the behaviors of those 60 year olds, listening to those who demanded the next step.  Not considering the person might have a mind of their own.  Choice matters.

I could see the frustration in their face as they listened to the commands.  The person leading wasn't doing, they just said, do.

I laughed at the person's response. That person being told what to do, positioned them self  to not actually 'do' what the person told them to do, out of respect for them self.

The "leader" in this case, wasn't really the respected leader, but someone demanding someone to do the meticulous things they thought was the way to do it.

I realize how important it is to speak, then do what I expected.  Because, I asked someone in her 80's to do a simple task for me to help me out, she quickly responded, "No."   I then quickly picked up the mittens and curled them together, did what I mentioned.  Showing how it would help the person who would eventually lay these mittens out on the table for display.  Eventually, she mentioned how she was doing it going forward.

So, when you look at the quote in the picture, " Great leaders don't tell you what to do... they show you how it's done."

I thought it was pertinent to this volunteer situation.

A simple task to a simple behavior solution.

Let's respect ourselves and others.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Health Tip: Veggies...

Health Tip: To select root vegetables such as beets, celery roots, carrots, parsley roots, potatoes, parsnips, rutabagas and turnips look for firm uncracked surfaces.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

My New Book in the Works! Leadership... What?

So, as many of you know, I have been writing a book about Leadership and many of you who are on LinkedIN and Facebook had the opportunity to vote on the best title. It came down to three and I picked the title, "Leadership... What?" I included a subtitle which adds a better description,"Leadership... What? Finally, proven tools you can use instantly to boost the results of those you lead in the practice of everyday life."

My 1st draft is coming back from those of you who have offered to critique it.  I am so thankful to be surrounded by strong leaders in the industry.  I received constructive feedback and worked on enhancing my stories and illustrations this week.  Now, I am sending the next draft off to several people who will critique the book from another lens.  I am asking each person that they are precise and realistic.  I want each person to read with integrity.  I'm looking for honest feedback.  Because why publish a book if it does not provide value to the general population, right?

One of the illustrations in the book.
The next request for your vote and ideas will be conducted on social media.  I want to get some ideas for the cover.  So far, you will see the picture that I drafted for the current cover.  I'm not certain that this depicts the applied leadership concepts in the book, so I will ask each of you to share your ideas for the final cover. The final cover design is in the works. What would you think the cover should be?

The book is already being considered to be used at the university in the Women's Leadership study courses and several fortune 100 companies are interested in incorporating it into their brown bag lunch workshop series.

Leadership... What?  will hit the bookstores in May of this coming year.

So what do you think?

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Froebel stern (German star)

Froebel stern (German star)

My cousin-in-law has an ornament exchange, she calls it 12 Days of Christmas ornament swap. Read more about it here

I got inspired by the idea, and created this one, it's a German Star! And now I'm going to make a new "stick" tree with handmade ornaments made out of old book pages.

What a great idea!

I am going to form one of these for next year. We will get together once a month starting in January and hand make an ornament. I think that will be lots of fun!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Change it up! It makes a world of difference...

It's so great to have friends, who connect me back to the world.  I have to admit, I've been in a bit of a slump lately.  It's been easy to get up and play around in the research world and not take care of myself.  I've skipped out on any form of exercise for over 3 weeks and my body can tell.

Yesterday, was a day to get up, shower, get dressed up and out, to meet with my close friend for coffee.  Out of this meeting, over a two hour catch up conversation, I was able to reconnect to the community, re-engage with my friend and make a running commitment; for today, which was a run in the 10k Jingle bell run.

I am so happy we ran today, it felt good to get out.  My body would tell you otherwise, because it isn't really in the shape it could be to run the 6+ mile run, but I made it just the same.  It was nice to reach for the hot cocoa afterwards.  We even got some shopping in, came home with a new sweater and jacket onsemble.  "Shopping Therapy."  I'm not much of a shopper, but it helps when someone needs to stop at a couple of stores to do their own errands, I kept going through the clothes racks, and saying, "shopping therapy."  It sure was and it worked.  I feel much better!  I accomplished something.

If you are feeling a little blue, I suggest getting outside, take a walk, run or just do something different.  Change it up, it makes a world of difference.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Quote of the Day: Unfamiliar...

By putting yourself in unfamiliar situations, you’ll see things with fresh eyes, and solutions you may never have noticed will crop up, one after another, until you realize that you’ve just had a very, very bright idea, one that might just help you realize your heart’s desire.~The Joy Diet

Health Tip: Bay Leaves...

Bay leaves are a chemical free way to repel roaches.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Health Tip: Toilet paper roll and toys...

An easy way to test if a toy is too small for a young child is to try to put it into a toilet paper roll.  If it fits inside the toilet paper roll, then it is not a safe toy for young children.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Government Package return without consent...

Today is cookie day.  Each holiday season, I make two, peanut butter drops and white mice, or powdered wedding cakes, with chopped pecans.

I'm in the middle, mixing the ingredients, and I hear a knock on the door, hearing, "Mailman here."  I go to the door to find out the government post office decided to send back a package that was delivered to my parents.  Since they were not there to receive it, the post office was charging me the cost for shipping it back to me.  I thought, "What? ... Who called me to ask?"  Nobody.

The mailman gave me a choice to pay the extra dollars or not receive the package I sent.

I decided, to not pay.

I cannot believe this, not only does the government take my taxes, but now the post office is charging me for a decision they made to send a package back to me.

Geesh!  Frustrating, that's all I can so about this for now.

Health Tip: Cooking veggies...

Instead of boiling fresh vegetables, lightly steam them.  The vegetables will retain more nutrients and save you time because they cook faster.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Health Tip: Walking pace...

Walking is a great form of physical activity. To get the most from your walk, change up your pace, walk up and down hills, walk in water or walk backwards.  This will add variety and exercise different muscles.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Recipe for Today: Easy Holiday Chocolate Bark

Holiday Bark (ref PBS)

Made with only 2 ingredients, this easy chocolate bark recipe is a great no-bake holiday treats

1 cup chocolate chips (dark, semi, milk, bittersweet, or white)
1 cup trail mix, preferably one with nuts and dried fruit
Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
Melt the chocolate according to the (brand) packaging using the stovetop or microwave method.
Spoon the melted chocolate over the parchment paper.
Spread the chocolate in a 1/4-inch square layer, approximately 7-inches by 7-inches.
Evenly sprinkle the trail mix over the chocolate edge to edge.
Using the back of a spoon, gently push the trail mix down to make sure each piece has adhered to the chocolate.
Place the baking sheet in the freezer for 20 minutes until firm.
Cut the bark into 16 even pieces.
Allow the bark to come to room temperature before serving.

Health Tip: Set fitness goals...

Research shows that people who set fitness goals are more likely to stick with their exercise routines and perform at higher levels than those who don't set goals.

Monday, November 26, 2012

More about me

Career track... I skillfully lead organizations through the myriad processes that accompany change.  Driving productivity and profitability gains through strategic interventions, I am an expert at optimizing human capital.  Heading divisional restructures, I combines skills assessments, training, and mentoring to align capabilities with corporate needs while empowering people and boosting morale.    With success in overcoming reorganization, supply chain, and IT challenges, have built a reputation spanning major government agencies, universities, and Fortune 100 corporations.

The Artist...

Kim Groshek is a gifted artist, teacher and human being whose mission in life is to share her authority on leadership and love of art and science.  Her attention to detail and willingness to help is as instinctive as breathing. She is one of the most sought after coaches in the business today.

She is an award winning author of the children's book series Bug's Adventure Series, Floyd the Fire Truck, Nate the Dragon Stops Bullying. And the adult books, "Leadership... What? Finally, Proven Tools You Can Use Instantly to Boost the Results of Those You Lead", "Advice from Extraordinary Women", "Transformative Learning Applying the Unschooling Approach" and "Women and the Glass Ceiling".

Her roles are Executive Producer, Director, Published Author, Coach and Consultant.

As a coach, she skilfully leads people, in organizations and personal endeavors, through a myriad of processes that accompany change. Driving productivity and profitability gains through strategic interventions.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Recipe for Today: Mom's Breakfast Strata...

Mom's Breakfast Strata

"This strata makes breakfast less hectic because all the prep work is done the night before. The quantities of mushrooms, onions, and green peppers can be varied to suit the tastes of those who will be eating this dish." - Amy Schmelzer

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Health Tip: Reduce Stress...

An easy way to reduce stress is to spend a few minutes writing about your feelings. This has been shown to improve mood and lower stress.

Recipe for today: Love the Leftovers...

Love the Leftovers

Spicy Slow Cooker Black Bean Soup


  1. Drain black beans, and rinse.
  2. Combine beans, jalapenos, and chicken broth in a slow cooker. Season with garlic powder, chili powder, cumin, cayenne, pepper, and hot pepper sauce.
  3. Cook on High for 4 hours. Reduce heat to Low, and continue cooking for 2 hours, or until you are ready to eat.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Health Tip: Helps unwind...

Studies have shown that petting and touching a pet reduces blood pressure and helps people unwind.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Health Tip: Tense muscles...

Do you have tense muscles? Soak in a warm bath with a couple of chamomile tea bags for 20 minutes and notice how your muscle tension is relieved.

Quote for today: Passion...

Passion can take you to some frightening places. It can leave you facing seemingly insoluble problems. But it also brings friends, magical experiences and a range of understanding that just continues to increase.~Martha Beck

I am thankful, Today it is Thanksgiving!!!

Today it is Thanksgiving!!!   

I look forward to taking a moment to give thanks for all that I am grateful for. 

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on the past year, share memories with our loved ones and celebrate timeless holiday traditions. I am thankful for my families, my friends and of course you!!

Over the past few months, I have shared my stories with you through my blog and social media posts. Now is the time to look beyond and give back to our communities.

Today, on Thanksgiving, I remain mindful of the millions of Americans who struggle with hunger every day. In the spirit of giving thanks, I am making a donation on behalf of all of my family and friends, to Feeding America and other organizations, charities that give to those in need this holiday season.

Thank you for inspiring me and being a part of my daily posts. I wish you and your loved ones a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Recipe for Today: Salsafying Cranberry Sauce

 When I saw this I thought, what a fun little recipe especially at this time of year.  Thanksgiving!

Click Here to see the full recipe: Salsafying Cranberry Sauce

Cranberry salsa—that's salsa, not sauce—has been my Thanksgiving dinner contribution of the last few years. I gave up on the traditional stuff long ago, after too many Thanksgivings where the cranberry offering slides out of a can and plops into a bowl, maintaining its floppy cylindrical shape until someone mashes it into a gelatinous goo and sticks a spoon into it. I'd wager that secretly, only about a fourth of Thanksgiving eaters even like the stuff. "Not so!" shouts Ian, my MoJo colleague from the next cube over. Ian hails from the fair hills of Connecticut. "In New England, cranberry sauce is an important marker of a good Thanksgiving," he tells me, glaring at me for questioning what he sees as an essential holiday coulis. But I say, why suck the life out of this tart, crimson New England bead, reducing it to an insipid mess of sugar and limp berries? According to the Cape Cod Cranberry Growers' Association, the cranberry is one of only three fruits native to North American soil, along with the Concord grape and the blueberry. It's time to get to know the fruit in raw form, and salsa allows you to taste the tangy snap of fresh cranberries. In the recipe below, the cranberries' tartness pairs well with the heat of ginger and chilis. Orange zest pulls it all together. So what if we've wandered off the traditionalist's map? On a plate heavy with roasted, boiled, sautéed, and simmered vegetables, a bit of raw crunch is a welcome respite.