Sunday, February 12, 2012

Paoli Schoolhouse review...

My husband and I spend a day in Paoli. We discover wonderful shops and a cafe' called the Paoli Schoolhouse. It is cold out, so, I scurry across the parking lot up the wooden steps and walk into the cafe' at 10:30 a.m. and found that the restaurant did not open until lunch. I left for a half hour and spent some time discovering new shops in the area. I arrive again at 11:30 a.m. As I walk in the door of the cafe' and shop, there is a lady paying for her new-found goodies at the register and three other groups walk into the school-house behind us. I look around the inside of the little school house, while we wait to be seated for five minutes. The young hostess walked us to the back room, expressing caution, noting the changes in floor grade in the doorway between each room. I notice the older furniture with chandeliers that gave the dining area an old-time feel. We sit at the second table in the room. It takes me a while to decide, the menu has many choices. The waitress is very kind and talks very diligent, precise and slow, looking at us to make sure we are accurately hearing the specials. I choose the Café Combination, which includes a cup of potato cheese soup and a half Caesar salad. My husband chooses the Italian Beef plate. I know my choice is quite ordinary, however, I can judge a lot by a café by its Caesar salad. As I wait, I receive my fresh cup of coffee, which is truly fresh-brewed and delicious. My food arrives within only a few short minutes; amazingly, speedy service. I taste my Caesar salad and the cheese is freshly shredded, with fresh-cut lettuce, croutons and chicken pieces. It is very delicious, just enough Caeser flavor added. The potato-cheese soup is also delicious. We enjoy our tasty meal as we have a robust conversation. We are not rushed, taking our time; we finish our food and decide there is a little room for dessert, so we order a freshly made coconut crème pie. Delicious!!! I highly recommend the Paoli Schoolhouse café, give it a try. It is a wonderful experience. We call our Paoli experience a mini Door County.

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