Tuesday, March 6, 2012

People don't really know what you are going through at any given moment.

Today, I woke up terribly sick.  My head ached, my chest ached, my nose was running.  All I wanted to do was sleep.  So, I did.  Life keeps going on around me, striving fast, pulling away, continuing forward.

A person, gets up in the morning, does the routine of the day.  Some may head to the gym or walk outdoors.  The first thing others do, is make that first cup of coffee.  Others, hit the snooze alarm a few times before waking to the world.  Mine is all of this, head out for a run or walk, then come back, shower and make myself a fresh cup of coffee.  Take some time to relax before I get busy for the day.   But, not today.

I'm tired today.  Literally and emotionally exhausted from trying to help others see what they don't see, and may never see, what is good for them and the community they live.  Yes, I made my choice, and I'm good with that choice.  The moment I did though, is when my body went in turbo-spin, down the healthy pike of nothingness.

I suppose I've been holding it all in.  This time it falls in my chest.  I must have been driving from the heart because this is where all the sickness and pain comes from.  It must have been settling there, the stress and uncertainty, frustration of those who don't open their hearts, or listen to what is so brutally necessary in order to succeed.

Time for me to move on.  I'll take another day or two to rest my body, soul and spirit; then it's off the the races again.  I deserve that much!

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