Friday, April 6, 2012

Psychology of Social Media: Five ways Facebook can be bad for your mental health

Five ways Facebook can be bad for your mental health

An increasing number of studies have found a correlation between Facebook use and ill effects on our mental and physical health. Here are the five to watch out for.

These days, Facebook is just a part of life. In December 2011, the preeminent social network boasted more than 845 million active monthly users, with 483 million of those using the site daily. And a 2011 study by market research firm Nielsen shows that the average Facebook user spends four times as many hours on the network each month as he or she spends on any other site. Like getting too little sleep, drinking, smoking, or sunbathing, the increasing number of hours we spend on Facebook is surely affecting our health, right? Below, five ways experts believe Facebook could be hurting our mental health.


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David Chiles said...

Thank you for raising the awareness of mental health issues raised by internet overuse. I know from experience that having more than 300 friends is mentally exhausting. It is good netiquette to do everything internet in moderation.