Saturday, May 19, 2012

Nate the Dragon: Write a story about a dream that you have...

Here is a story written by one of the students at the school we visited on Tuesday...Write a story about a dream that you have; something extraordinary, tell how you can reach for the stars and make your dream come true.

Grade 4

“There are families and kids who don’t have a lot of money, clothes, food, and toys. Sometimes other kids will be mean by calling them names or ignoring them. That makes me feel really sad and left out. It makes it hard for them to make friends. There are things I can do to help those kids. I can donate my used clothes and toys. I can say ‘hi’ and be nice to them. I can tell a teacher if they are bullied. Those things will help make those kids feel better about themselves.” 

 “My dream is that everyone gets along. I hope someday everyone stops bullying. The world would be a happier place without bullying. People need to treat others nicely all the time. If I would see someone being bullied, I would get an adult. I would tell that person to stop being mean. If there was no bullying, everyone would feel safe and happy.” 

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