Tuesday, May 1, 2012

“Red Rover”

Do you remember the childhood game “Red Rover.”? I certainly do! My arm hurts just thinking about it!

The game goes like this:

  • Two teams form long lines. 
  • One team invites a child from the other team to come over. 
  • “Red rover, red rover let whoever come over!!"
  • Remember!!!! 
  • Okay, so the person invited one runs to the other side; 'because' he/she has been invited.
  • But when he/she gets to the other side, the kids are locked arm and arm to form a strong barrier so he/she can’t get through. 
  •  Now the strange part about this game is that if you actually break through the line or break an arm of someone whichever comes first, the reward is that you don’t get to stay. 
  • You go back to the other side and take someone with you. 

So let’s see:

  • We have an invitation
  • response
  • barrier
  • confrontation
  • result!
Complicated to say the least.

Why create all of this suffering, 
Why not invite others to come, chat and have fun?
Place the barriers or confrontation aside.
Why not live!
Life is not a game. 
Life is the real deal!

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