Thursday, May 17, 2012

Nate the Dragon: Write a story about a dream that you have...

Here is a story written by one of the students at the school we visited on Tuesday...Write a story about a dream that you have; something extraordinary, tell how you can reach for the stars and make your dream come true.

Grade 4

“One day I wish that there would be world peace. There would be no more fighting. I would like to try to make a difference. I hope there will be no more homeless people on the streets. There is too much violence and war. Soldiers are risking their lives to save ours. I always try to make a difference. This world really needs peace. This world really needs to change a lot. So we need to change. Let’s step up and change this world!”

“My dream is that there would be no robbers or people who kill other people. I hope that all people will follow the Ten Commandments. I also hope that all people will follow the Beatitudes. I hope they will go to Mass. I hope they will be on God’s side. I can help this by spreading the good news of God. People can also help by forgiving people who have hurt them. They can also take time to go to Reconciliation so God can forgive their sins. These are ways God would want us to live.”

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