Saturday, July 21, 2012

Psychology of Social Media: Day 13

I think I'm missing out.  My daughter asked me if I saw this weeks pictures posted on Facebook.  She just became a certified Hot Yoga instructor and they had several celebratory parties, tried paddle boating with her friends and pictures of her best friends birthday party on the lake were all posted and I missed them.

So, quickly I asked her to login to Facebook so that I could see the pictures.  So, can I count this as another day of not being on Facebook?  I can say that I like to poke on my daughters page and look at all of her posts and pictures.  I may miss out on that, however, I can ask her to login so I can see or download the pictures.

I think for now, I will count this as no Facebook, because my account is still disabled and I haven't logged in with it.

Happy day 13 without a Facebook account.

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