Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Psychology of Social Media: Day 17

Today was another busy day. So, now that I am being more productive I am going to write about what I'm up to more than my qualms about not being on Facebook anymore, because there isn't much to talk about and I am thinking that I would post the same thing over and over again. Until something comes up that makes me think about Facebook, I will write up about it then.

So, here goes...

I have been getting back to my workout schedule, now that I get up and focus on it, rather than letting Facebook consume me, which, by the way, was the first and foremost thing I would do when I got up in the morning.  I would, turn on my computer, go "right" to Facebook.  And of course, nothing was posted on my wall, then I would look around at news articles and other fancy quotes, watch funny clips.  I would look up at the clock and totally miss out on my workout time.

Now, I get up, get my running shoes on and head downstairs on my treadmill.  I will try to get outside, but it is really dark out there.  It is more satisfying running outside than it is running on a treadmill, but I feel so good that my workout is complete when I am done in the 30 minutes planned.

I then pack up and head out to hot yoga, which gives me some "me" time and allows me to get all of those silly thoughts out of my head.  After all of my workouts are complete I head in to my consulting job.  I even head out on a walk during lunch hour, which is great!

At night, I relax, type up my little note about Facebook.  And sometimes even consider a bike ride.  Tonight it is 100 degrees outside, and am waiting until the heat dies down so that I can start.

These are my thoughts on Day 17 without Facebook.

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