Monday, July 30, 2012

Psychology of Social Media: Day 21 & 22

I forgot to post my thoughts related to not being on Facebook yesterday.

So, here goes,

I received a text from an aquaintence I met in Los Angeles during my travels.  The text stated, "I noticed you aren't on Facebook anymore, is everything okay?"

Ha, ha!  I had to laugh at this, thinking, because I'm not on Facebook things must not be right.

Isn't it crazy how we view social media now?  If someone chooses not to be on Facebook, then there is something wrong.  I have several friends who refuse to create an account and go on Facebook.  They say, "It's just one more avenue where the Big ole government and businesses can spy on you."  Very interesting indeed.

My friend who is concerned about me 'not being on Facebook' is going to call me tomorrow evening and check in.  Now, if I was on Facebook, this interaction would have never happened.  I'm pleased that I'll be getting a phone call to catch up with my friend.  Let's see how many more friends start contacting me and asking what I'm up to personally.  I kinda' like this interaction!

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