Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Psychology of Social Media: Day 3

It's day 3 and I find myself thinking about how things were in the past, before I would get on Social Media Sites to peruse around and look at peoples pages and pictures.  I find myself now, going back to writing a long elusive e-mail to my friend.  This is what I did before, sharing what has happened in my life right now and what I'm dealing with.  Things I would find myself posting to the world in short 5 to 10 word snippets.  Not that anyone even read my posts, who knows, I didn't get any responses or comments from people.  I remember finding myself getting up in the morning, while on facebook, and instead of getting up and going running, I would go directly to my computer and look at facebook, before I knew it, an hour passed me by and I didn't feel like getting out there to run, walk or anything else active.  Wow, what a slouch!  I had to get this post in because my days are filled up to the brim and wanted to let you know where I was at without using facebook.  I have to head out to yoga now.  Thank you for following along with my progress.  I'll keep you posted the best I can.  I love being back in my life again!

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