Saturday, July 14, 2012

Psychology of social media: Day 6

Funny thing happened last evening, I stopped home in transition to head out to this hilarious "Packer Fan from Outer Space."  My daughter was sitting with her laptop in front, looking at her Facebook (which she only checks once a week just to read her messages).

The first thing I said was, "Is there anything interesting going on out there?"

I stated, "Because I haven't been on for 5 days."

She laughed, "Why are you asking me that, if you are trying not to be on it?"

I realized that I was getting sucked in just by her being on Facebook.

A thought about people on there makes me think about them sometimes.  I realize how I've been able to stay connected with people because they are friends on facebook and if I wouldn't have Facebook, I'm sure I would loose touch.  That is a benefit or not.  I can't tell for now whether this is good or bad; tracking people along the way.

I was riding on the back-seat of the Harley heading to the play in Milwaukee.  Along the way I had thoughts about this, whether I would know that one of my high school friends is getting married tomorrow, or that my high school friend headed to Australia to visit her daughter for 2 weeks.  I also thought about how I would have made a quick post, stating, "Date night with my hubby."  And on my way.

I would be certain to try to capture a picture or two of our date, to post so people knew what the every moment event was captured.  

This morning I started thinking of my business pages and how I am not managing the posts for these.  I had an awesome intern who was managing these for me during the past year, however, her internship is complete now and the pages sit silent.

So far, I'm okay with not going on Facebook, as of Day 6 anyway.

I see myself thinking more about my life, the moment I'm in and capturing experiences, rather than trying to post every moment on Facebook, to make sure someone, if anyone, is really reading the posts to begin with, I say, probably not.  So, what's the point?

This is my Day 6 experience not logging on to Facebook.

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