Sunday, July 15, 2012

Psychology of Social Media: Day 7

Is it day 7 without going on Facebook, already?  Huh.  It doesn't seem like a whole week has gone by.

I was at a lunch party yesterday, and reference to Facebook came up several times during the party.  The person of honor at the party brought up how she posted this and that on Facebook the other day, in reference to what she was talking about.  I sometimes wonder if not using Facebook will make me "out of touch" with the rest of the social network.  Or, will I "miss out on some important posts?"

My close friend mentioned how she noticed I wasn't on Facebook for a while, she couldn't pin-point how long, but she did "notice."

And a high school acquaintance who has been following my posts about my "Nate the Dragon" anti-bullying project and my book I wrote with my 8-year-old great nephew.  I received an email from her yesterday, stating "I did try to find you on FB but you disappeared?"  The funny thing is, I really haven't been a part of her life, it seems that she has been a part of mine.  Who knows if she's been following me, I don't know, but, I haven't really been a close friend or even socially get together with her.  So, I am not certain how to respond to this one.

The only concern right now is that our community uses Facebook as an event planning tool, social connection tool and peaking tool.  The areas I might be missing is the event tool and sometimes even when someone "thinks" or even "expects" that I'm on Facebook and that insinuates that I am either following what "they are doing" or think that I am available through that mode of communication.  People aren't use to even using email anymore.  So, I notice they "resort" to email, not even the phone, email, and then when I receive a note through email, the message is short, just like it is when you write a short post on a Facebook wall.

I remember trying this last year, around this same time.  I think I was off Facebook for one month, I think it was during the month of August.  I didn't track my daily thoughts or status, didn't write a blog about it like I am this time.  One thing I did notice, I may have missed out on an important invite to my nieces wedding shower, because when I arrived at her wedding, they made mention about my nieces bouquet of flowers were all designed from her shower.  I was shocked that I wasn't invited or didn't even know about it.  My assumption is that everything was done through Facebook, without an intention for anyone to call me through phone or other modes of communication, like the traditional snail mail, to make me aware of this or even to make sure I could respond to an invite such as this.  This, I notice, can be a problem with social communities expecting or assuming "everyone" uses Facebook.  It's a consideration of risk and family or even community perceptions, judgments and misinterpretations.  Even family disputes and grumbles.  *I am going to tag this one as a problem with Facebook, and then follow up with people to let them know I am no longer on it, so they remember that they need to consider other modes of communication when communicating important events in their lives.  I know I will be the first to stand up and start recognizing this going forward.  (especially when major formal events are coming down the pipeline for me and my family).

I'm not hurting one bit having not used Facebook for seven days, right now anyway.  

Stay tuned!

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