Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Psychology of Social Media: No Facebook Day 10

Didn't think about Facebook all day, too busy.  Had a discussion this evening about my Facebook experience.  I shared this with a small group over a few drinks, that I have been on Facebook since 2004.

As I started telling my story, one person laughed and said, "You know the year?"

Yes, I do know the year, the year I was introduced to Facebook was in 2004, when I took a course on Social Media.  It was back in the day when Social Media was just a word and not many people were even on Facebook.  The course introduced the concept and the several tools that were already designed.  I don't think Twitter was even out yet and those people that could setup accounts on Facebook were university associated people.  In 2005, I taught at the university, filling in for the year for a Professor who was on sabbatical.  I quickly added my students to my site, given that not many of my family or friends even knew about Facebook or even knew of it's existence.  My students quickly accepted my request, given that I was the teacher, they probably thought they 'had' to accept my friend request, knowing in some sense it probably was odd to have a teacher be a friend on their Facebook page.

Eventually, Facebook added exposure, allowing other people beyond the university campus to be on the site, and soon it was opened up to individuals 13 years old and above.  I watched this transition and hick-ups as Facebook was expanding and using their data for marketing and selling products.

For a while there, Facebook was changing it's interface, it seemed almost every 6 months, and their policies were expanding also, causing people to complain.  Facebook had to address legal and compliance issues.

People started asking me to come to conference to speak on Social media topics.  I would share my experiences as a mom, avid user from the beginning of the product and the growth and expansion of user interest.

Soon my extended family were logged in and we started reconnecting in this virtual space, posting pictures, to keep each other updated, sharing short progresses.  I even posted my weekend progress toward my running goal set in 2007, where I wanted to run 25 half marathons in 25 states.  I completed this goal in 2 years to the day, and so many people were 'on-board' with the status updates, journal entries and pictures I posted.  It kept me going in some sense, and led me to complete my goal because I had a small audience on Facebook cheering me on along the way to completion.

After sharing some short stories of how I used Facebook with my colleagues over a couple of drinks, it opened conversation about how others use Facebook.  Some use it for marketing their products and services and they state, that "it would be difficult to not log in."  They find value in watching their close colleagues and product postings, even news interests posted by others, who like me, spend most of their hours on Facebook, posting new articles of interest or awareness topics.  So far, this exposure is being brought to me in news feeds through email and rss feeds, so I remain in the loop on current events and topics.

Today, the focus of me not accessing Facebook was a topic of discussion when a group of us were out chatting socially over a few drinks.

This is the current impact today, for not logging in or accessing Facebook.  Not too shabby, created great conversation with a group of friends.

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Herry Pascal said...

Face book is the site which is used by many people regularly. They can not keep away them selves from connecting to face book. They all now addicted to use face book.

Russell Solomon