Thursday, July 19, 2012

Psychology of Social Media: No Facebook Day 11

I am realizing today, that I have been using Facebook for the better good. I use it to stay connected and communicate with friends from far away. Those people who I don't necessarily have a phone number for, but are visiting and want to meet up with me.

 That is what occurred to me today, as I was waiting patiently for my friend from South Carolina, who scheduled to meet with me and wasn't there a half hour later. Only to receive a phone call, about 45 minutes later, as I was driving almost home, stating she was at the meeting location. Our times got mixed up and I didn't have a phone number or Facebook to send her a message asking what's up. It all turned out fine. We were able to meet and have a lovely dinner. Facebook did come up in our conversation; she stated how she keeps in touch with her past friends and church community on Facebook and is looking forward to seeing everyone on Sunday. So, I'm not sure the impact yet, but I think this might be a small problem not being on Facebook.

 Another incident today, when I needed to reach out to someone and didn't have their phone number recorded in my phone or email, the only place I would communicate with her was through Facebook. I have stayed at her place several times in Chicago, and we are very good friends. It just so happens that I would communicate with her only through Facebook. Otherwise, I have no desire to go on Facebook to check out things.

Everything in my life is rich with social activities. I am loving it!

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