Sunday, August 12, 2012

Film crew taking over Jefferson

Jefferson, Wis.- A film crew arrived
in Jefferson on Saturday, August 10, to tape the film about Wisconsin Women who tell their real life stories for a documentary, with entrepreneur and film producer, Kim Groshek, a native of Jefferson.  This is Kim’s second film to produce and direct.  Her first film was released as an animated short in the spring of this year.  This new film, Advice from Extraordinary Women, is planned to release at the Wisconsin film festival in the spring.

            The film consists of a diverse group of women who talk about how they overcame obstacles in their life.  Names like Chellsie Memmel, the most decorated gymnast from Wisconsin shares her story and the current transitions and decisions in her life.  
Coco Corbett discovers the importance of women's sexuality and spirit-body connection; she explores mid-wifery helping women in Africa.
Staci Groshek shares her story about strength in being yourself while learning and growing up in your twenties.  Rose Mary Gabriel, the first woman to race the snowshoe race over forty years ago, talks about her persistence in getting through; she has a bold heart and a simple message that ripples through her stories.  April Bevars made some bad decisions as a teenager causing her to be in prison a week later.  Now, over ten years later, April shares how her inner strength helped her muster through.

A beautiful mother and daughter, Carmela and Michaela Mulroe share their strength and positive approach to how they handle those people who bring their opinions and judgments without considering their hearts and the truth about these women.

Connection is the key.  The support and help from others is a tremendous asset.  It was a teary-eyed film day and will be an amazing set of stories.  A must see!
Look for “Advice from Extraordinary Women,” at the Wisconsin Film Festival in 2013.

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