Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Psychology of Social Media: Day 24

A day in action!!!  Wow!  So, doing well without Facebook, in fact, my life is moving in an awesome direction socially.  I woke up, did hot yoga, then headed out to an early breakfast with a collegue/friend I met in a Leadership program.  We had an awesome conversation and really took compassion  and action in a whole new level, being that I set the intention for compassion and action, and here I am taking action.

I had a short conversation with my Yoga instructor as I was walking out the door, stating that I've set an intention to no longer access Facebook each day because it's taken a lot of my time away from me.  And, I said, I'm blogging about it.  I mentioned how amazing my social life has turned around.  I'm talking to people of whom I haven't in a while and planning coffee and lunch meetings with people to catch up in person.  My life, I mention, is much more robust and full since I've put Facebook out of my life.

I then headed to a very busy day of meetings and even took a break during lunch-hour for a 3 mile walk.

I sit here this evening not having any intention to go on Facebook, and as you can see, it seems to get later and later when I write something about social media in my blog.  I don't know what to write anymore, because I haven't thought about it today.

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