Thursday, August 9, 2012

Psychology of Social Media: Day 32

Day 32, no Facebook.

I've been working on my re-application to the University, I am headed toward a leadership PhD.  I look through my credentials and think, "Wow, I really have a lot accomplished!"   I'm published several times; both articles and books.  I'm involved in a lot of philanthropy, teaching, outreach programs and groups and associations.  Since I had started a different program three years ago and they put my coursework on hold because the program didn't match what I expected, they are asking me to reflect on the reason why I didn't stay with the program and what happened from then to now, to motivate me to go back.  I wrote a 3 page narrative and surprise myself with what I have learned in 3 short years.  Amazing!

I'm glad I have time to do all these wonderful things, now that I'm not poking around on Facebook all day.

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