Monday, August 13, 2012

Psychology of Social Media: Day 36

Oh my, I forgot how many days it's been since I've disabled my Facebook account.  I had to go back and look, since I missed a few days of posting my thoughts.  Now that I have caught up, it is day 36.

I have thought a little about not being able to check events that are readily available to me on facebook.  This is an edge and bothers me some, but not so much that it makes me want to get back onto Facebook.

As you may have noticed, I had my filming day this past weekend, and again, it probably would have been cool to be able to brag a little on Facebook about this and post a few of my pictures.

Otherwise, not too interested in going back onto Facebook.  Too many great things are going on presently in my life without it.

I'm posting a fun picture of me on my awsome little scooter, I use this to scoot around when I need to just have a little fun.  Enjoy!

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