Sunday, October 28, 2012

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Perfect Location for a Retreat - Terrific retreat in the northern woods.  Boy it's beautiful up here!

I was listening to John Mayer's song with the lyrics, "We're never going to win the world, we're never going to stop the world.  If belief is where we're fighting from."  It made me wonder, what does that mean?  Then I considered the thought that I've been dealing with today, and that is good vs. evil.  Does anyone confront evil?  Really?  There is so much evil in this world.

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I just saw a news release of a squad car that started on fire and spread to the city’s police station. Look at how that is written. “NO” the squad car did not start on fire by itself. Some person did this.

I think we hide behind what is going on in the world.  Like we don't realize it or know how or what happened. Why is it that we don't knuckle in and figure it out! Who is doing this? Who is being so evil to our world? Why is this evil okay? Very scary rope I’m walking here. It’s nasty and we avoid the nasty.

I know of a wonderful lady who was abused by an alcoholic husband all of her life!  This husband was evil. He was selfish, evil, spiteful, ruthless and I could go on and on. If there was only one word you could say about him, what would it be? It makes me all tense inside, to even write this right now? Evil is treacherous. Each of us want to avoid it, stay away from it. It’s dangerous. It will kill you.

I know this is a controversal topic; but, it is something that if we don't look it in the eye, it will take over. We are avoiding so much of what is going on right now.  The shootings of innocent people in theaters, salons and people's homes.

It's something to consider, can we take responsibility?

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