Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Make those special stories memorable!

Another great day!  

I like having fun where ever I go.  Why not?  Life goes so fast.  I never realized how quickly until I stopped one day and noticed I'm halfway in, and almost on the top of the mid-way point.  I remember studying the human condition in college, when I was taking a fashion design class.  We drew out our bodies and then we were taught how the skeleton develops and eventually, once it reach the tipping point, deteriorates.  I keep these images in my mind now, knowing that I'm at the tipping point in my life.

I look back and see so many wonderful stories and memories.

It comes up fast, so take it easy.  Enjoy the moment when you are talking with a friend over coffee.  Don't allow your mind to be somewhere else.  Be there with your friend.

Make those special stories memorable!

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