Thursday, November 8, 2012

My journey to Texas... Another first impression...

My journey to Texas, then the first impression to my hotel.

So, yeah... I planned to take pictures of my travel journey to Houston Texas, for the WE12 Conference; but, the first stop was the bus stop and I met these wonderful ladies who are heading to Japan to develop student collaboration programs in their schools and overseas.  After our interesting conversation, I get on the bus and proceed to get a good dent into my next book, Advice from Extraordinary Women;  25 pages complete so far, a nice clean outline which helps guide me and it feels good!

I arrive at the airport, go through the check-in line.  And walk to my gate.  I find I have plenty of time until my flight, so I head to a coffee shop to work some more.  After I get setup, a lady stops from across the table I'm sitting at and asks, "Is there internet here?"  I say, "Just paid internet."  She said, "Oh! and stated, I'll just use my phone."  She proceeded to sit down and we introduce each other.  We exchanged names, her name is Evelina.  I thought, 'What a beautiful name."  We start talking about our lives, and so on.  We trade cards and say, "Let's meet for coffee sometime when we get back."  

It was time to get ready for my flight, so we said our goodbyes and boarded the plane.  I arrive in Houston and look for transportation.  I walk up to the shuttle counter and learn there's a 45 minute wait line for the shuttle to the city.  I decide to choose another quicker transportation.  A few minutes later, a lady stops me and asks, "Are you here for the SWE conference?"  I said, "Yes."  She said, "I'm heading to the city, do you want to share a cab?"  I quickly responded, "Sure."  

We talk some more  It turned out she is defending her thesis this coming week and is looking for a job.  We ride in the cab talking more and exchange our cards.  She is dropped off first.

I'm ride in the cab for what seems to be another 30 minutes, which, I think, 'This is odd, I thought I was only 10 minutes from the city."  But, sit patiently watching the Taxi charges rack up.

I'm thinking, my trip is a little too eventful, here and I'm tired.  Texas has always been one of those states that do things just “a little bit” different than the Midwest.  I remember the first time out here, I was running a race and I was waiting at the start hearing an announcement, “We’ll start soon, don’t worry, we’ll get there when we get there.”  Suffice it to say, the race start over 30 minutes late.  That is my impression of Texas.

I plan to meet executives at a breakfast round-table, it is about 10 minutes away from the city.  

I booked a cheap hotel for tonight because there were no rooms available in the hotels in the city.  I thought I would save some money.  *'I should know better by now.'  As I ride in the taxi from the airport; it seems the driver is taking me the long way.  The charges are racking up.  

I finally arrive at the hotel, doesn't look good.  I walk in and the taxi leaves, after I pay the crazy amount.

The hotel I paid for online ends up being a overbooked.  

I ask the hotel to provide me other lodging and she said, I need to talk to the manager.  It was my fault.

I learn later, from the taxi driver who picks me up, that it's better I didn't stay here, because is a prostitute hotel.  After I hear this, I realize, I should have gone with my gutt and not plan the extra executive meeting in this week.  

The taxi driver said, “It’s a good thing you didn’t stay there, because the hotel is no good.  That taxi driver raked you, I don’t like dishonest.  I don't know how they can do that.  The ride should have only cost you half the amount.”  He proceeds to drive me to a nicer hotel and gives me a name of a taxi driver for tomorrows ride back to the city.  I walk into the lobby and he has a room, he charges me the room charge.  Being worn out by now and after midnight,  I break down in tears as he gives me my key and roomnumber.  The hotel manager gives me my key, and said, “You know, not all Texans are bad.”

So, I’m here, it’s 2:45 a.m. and I’m finally in my room.  I’m exhausted, spent and feel like I was put through the ringer.

*So, that is my story and I’m sticking to it… :*S

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