Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Social Media: How much is too much...

Why people share information or not.  As I ride in the social media world, I went through ebbs and flows on providing information.  I would ask myself, "Should I share this?  Maybe not."  Going back and forth.  There are some days when I shut down from Social Media all together.  I even blogged about it.  For over 3 months I shut down completely from Social Media.

Sharing information is a risky bet.  How much do I share?

It's different than sharing or with holding from your neighbors.  You know, once it comes out of your mouth, the good ole telephone line 'of interpretation' begins.  Same goes for Social Media, it's out there.  Someone reads it.  You may decide a half hour that you didn't mean to post it.  So, you remove the data you posted.  Whoever had their eyes on your Social Media at the time, got the information and is already digesting it.  For those who aren't on as frequently may not have seen it at all.

This gets me thinking how fast information is spread.

I was watching a preview Oprah who would be interviewing Justin Beaver.  She states, "That he is a pop star unlike any other popstar."  And why is that, because of Twitter.  He has so many million followers.  This got people's attention, in a very pivotal and earth-shattering way.  It got the attention of may young people, quicker, she says, than even Michael Jackson.  His fame was television, MTV and word of mouth.

Now there are groups, think-tank groups and researchers who have to quickly monitor and warn people about what types of content you should or should not post on social media.  Because, "Your reputation is on the line."  It's crazy, but very true.

I know of someone who lost their spouse, a 15 year marriage, by their spouse sharing and reconnecting with some old high school fling on Social Media.

You have choices.  Some of my close friends don't even join the Social Media epidemic.  There are some people who get irritated about and try to regulate my posts, keeping it inside or making sly remarks a couple months after they read what's on my social media sites Or, some of my friends like to control what I'm posting, we make choices about this as we communicate.  It's a problem when you read the written words, short posts with not much explanation behind it.  The data that we post on Social Media is information that needs strict and cautious intent.  You shouldn't take it lightly or be oblivious to what might be the results of posting a simple comment.

Beware of how much to share on your social media sites.

Here is another article about The Simple Secret of Why People Share Your Content (or don't share it), which got me thinking about the topic.
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